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    The initial Ikea Fabrikor 2 Door cage build
  2. DeremensisBlue

    Dragon Strand Naturalistic Vivaria at San Diego Show

    Dragon Strand will be at the San Diego Reptile Super Show next weekend. If you are at the show stop by, ask for Bill and introduce yourself! Come see in person what can be done with the Breeder Series caging. The solid walls and structural branch holders, invented by Dragon Strand, give you...
  3. cswan19

    Treating driftwood?

    So I found a really cool piece of driftwood on the beach and I took it home. Is it safe to put in my Cham cage? How can I treat it? I don't want to put it in my oven cause its really really dry and I'm afraid of a fire plus I heard it makes your house smell terrible! Could I put some kind if...
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