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  1. Great Stuff Foam (Pond and Stone)

    Great Stuff Foam (Pond and Stone)

    I am foaming the space that I cut out to fit the Dragon Ledges just to ensure a) there is no wiggle room around the ledges and b) to cover the areas I cut out.
  2. Cutting out space for fitting the ledges

    Cutting out space for fitting the ledges

    I want more flexibility so my little guy can climb plants as well as the ceiling light panel. I plan to experiment with foaming cork bark on parts of this.
  3. 10-4-20 Updated all enclosures

    10-4-20 Updated all enclosures

    So these are my three dragon strand enclosures. Left: modified Medium tall Atrium. I added the pvc panels to the side to match my others. 30x24x48 Middle: Tall Hybrid 24x24x48 Right: Hybrid large atrium 48x24x48 www.dragonstrand.com
  4. Medium Tall Atrium Left Large hybrid Atrium Right

    Medium Tall Atrium Left Large hybrid Atrium Right

    Side by side of both enclosures
  5. Large Hybrid Atrium

    Large Hybrid Atrium

    Dragon Strand 4 ft wide x 4 ft tall x 2 ft deep
  6. Medium Tall Atrium Coverted to solid sides and back

    Medium Tall Atrium Coverted to solid sides and back

    Dragon Strand 30 inches wide x 4 ft tall x 2 ft deep
  7. Large Hybrid Atrium Close up

    Large Hybrid Atrium Close up

    Dragon Strand
  8. Medium Tall Atrium Close up

    Medium Tall Atrium Close up

    Dragon Strand
  9. DeremensisBlue

    New Clear Side Enclosures from Dragon Strand

    Dragon Strand introduces the new Clear Side Enclosure line. This is the flagship line of enclosures at Dragon Strand suitable for displays meant to show off your chameleon and interior design. The Clear Side Enclosures have clear solid sides on the front, right side and back. The left...
  10. DeremensisBlue

    Universal Drainage Trays

    At Dragon Strand we are now launching our line of Universal Heavy-duty Drainage Trays. These are drainage trays that have extra support along the bottom to give the floor of your cage strength to hold larger potted plants or other interior decoration. The line consists of two trays, a...
  11. DeremensisBlue

    New Juvenile to Adult Cage: Dragon Strand Atrium Series

    We at Dragon Strand are proud to introduce the new Atrium Cage series. This wide format cage has the dimensions of 28.5” wide x 29.5” high x 18” deep. These dimensions were specially formulated to provide a cage which would be able to hold a Veiled, Panther or Jackson’s Chameleon from 3 months...
  12. DeremensisBlue

    Beginner Cage and Drip Easy Bundles Available

    Chameleon Folk, I have a special availability of the Gray Beginner Cages as originally designed and offered by Kammerflage Kreations. I had the honor of collaborating with them on a caging project and have a handful that I am able to, with their permission, make available here. They are...
  13. DeremensisBlue

    Dragon Strand:100% Rust Free Cages

    Dragon Strand cages are now completely rust-proof. In my quest to offer the highest quality caging I have finally sourced every component that goes into Dragon Strand cages to be aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel. While companies will brag of the components that are aluminum or stainless...
  14. ChameLIonLover

    Dragon Strand Cage w/ ledges

    Hi guys, this is my Cham's adult cage (i think). It's a dragon strand cage with the ledges. I know some people have asked about them, and I highly recommend them, especially if you have the extra cash and are concerned with putting plants and branches up with ease. I was thinking about...
  15. DeremensisBlue

    South Bay Chameleon Keepers Chameleon Cage Set-up Workshop

    Welcome to 2015! The SBCK is going to switch to a quarterly format and make each meeting more of an event. To kick it off, our first event will be Saturday March 28 from 2PM to 5PM. We will be graciously hosted by Reptile Nerds in Garden Grove. Address: 12550 Brookhurst Suite F Garden...
  16. DeremensisBlue

    New Product: Dragon Ledges. Branching and Live Hanging Plants in a Screen Cage

    Branching and Live Hanging Plants in a Screen Cage The Problem. For over 30 years I have been trying different ways of setting up a chameleon cage. The biggest problem with a screen cage is the difficulty in placing horizontal branches and live plants. Quite simply, anytime any weight is...
  17. DeremensisBlue

    Dragon Strand Naturalistic Vivaria at San Diego Show

    Dragon Strand will be at the San Diego Reptile Super Show next weekend. If you are at the show stop by, ask for Bill and introduce yourself! Come see in person what can be done with the Breeder Series caging. The solid walls and structural branch holders, invented by Dragon Strand, give you...
  18. L

    New veiled cham (by Dez), Dragon Strand breeder series, arcadia lights, & mistking

    I have my new male veiled chameleon from Dez and figured I'd get some pictures up of his setup and him. I also wanted to review the products. He seems to be doing pretty well, though I still need to get a name for him. Pictures are below. I previously purchased this setup to get started on...
  19. DeremensisBlue

    Baby Caging for Raising the Best Chameleon Babies Possible

    Chameleons: 0 to 4 Months The Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System was designed specifically for your baby chameleon’s first months of life. Responsible breeders will keep baby chameleons until they are well started and big enough to truly be ready to go to a new home. The Nursery Cage System...
  20. DeremensisBlue

    Dragon Strand Investigative Report: Rack Abuse!

    This is a Dragon Strand Investigative Report. Thor the Dragon reporting (that’s me above). A number of disturbing observations have been made by our eyes and ears in the field. They wish to remain anonymous, but suffice to say they may or may not be escaped feeder dubia (non-infesting, of...
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