New Juvenile to Adult Cage: Dragon Strand Atrium Series


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We at Dragon Strand are proud to introduce the new Atrium Cage series. This wide format cage has the dimensions of 28.5” wide x 29.5” high x 18” deep. These dimensions were specially formulated to provide a cage which would be able to hold a Veiled, Panther or Jackson’s Chameleon from 3 months of age through adulthood. The height makes the entire cage accessible to a juvenile while the extra width means an adult can have room to move. The 18” depth means it will fit on most standard house dressers or tables. This is the only cage you need from juvenile to adult.

Dragon Ledges:The Atrium cage packages come standard with a set of Dragon Ledges which are anchors that can be attached along the sides and back. You get four for the sides and one for the back. These allow you to firmly plant branches and even mount potted plants. In a cage this wide, horizontal branches tend to get heavy. And with strategic mounting of plants you can create leafy areas where your chameleon can retreat to rest without being on constant display.

There are two drainage options: A standard drainage tray and the special Drip Easy Screen Floor Drainage System.

Atrium Drainage Tray: The Atrium cage sits on top this tray. Water from your mistings flow out of the cage and into this tray. The chameleon has no access to the waste water. The standard floor of the Atrium cage is a white PVC panel. This solid floor is useful if you desire to place potted plants on the floor. We suggest drilling drain holes in the floor to prevent pooling of water. The solid floor also aids in easy health analysis via observing your chameleon’s poop (how much is he eating, is he hydrated, is he chewing, etc…).
The Drainage Tray dimensions are 29.5″ Wide x 20″ Deep x 1.75″ High

Drip-Easy Screen Floor Drainage System: Originally developed and brought to market by Ed Kammer through Kammerflage Kreations this package contains the Drainage Tray as well as a screen panel insert to replace the standard PVC floor. Excess water flows directly into the drain tray avoiding any pooling on the floor. We are very happy to have been able to work with the Ed and the Kammerflage team to bring back the Drip-Easy functionality to this special cage system. (*Drip-Easy is a Kammerflage Kreations brand name and is used with permission)
The screen floor not only gets excess water directly to the drainage tray, but the dark floor makes the bottom of the cage fade away giving your naturalistic cage a more natural feel.
The Drip Easy Drainage Tray is 29.5″ Wide x 20″ Deep x 1.75″ High.

The Atrium Cage comes with the standard Dragon Strand cage features including:
• 100% non-rusting cages
• Service Door for cleaning the cage with minimal disturbance to the chameleon
• Door handles on both main and service door
• Vines holders on the top panel

The Atrium Cage is available in three bundle configurations.
1) Atrium Cage with Dragon Ledges
2) Atrium Cage, Dragon Ledges, and Drainage Tray
3) Atrium Cage, Dragon Ledges, and Drip Easy Drainage System.

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Pictured below is the Atrium screen cage and Drip Easy Drainage System. Dragon Ledges are shown installed. Dragon Ledges come unassembled to allow you to place them in the location that supports your unique design for branches and plants.

Dragon Strand, LLC creates enclosures specifically for the chameleon community. We offer screen cages and hybrid cages to meet your needs as a keeper or a breeder of chameleons. We introduced the first commercially manufactured solid side chameleon cages for better humidity control and invented the Dragon Ledge product which allows screen cage owners to mount large branches and potted plants on their screen cage wall. We pride ourselves on continual innovation and are the only major caging retailer developing cages specifically to meet the needs of the chameleon community.
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