1. Enclosure progress!

    Enclosure progress!

    I got so much done today, the plants are in place. I'm hoping to finish it up tomorrow or Wednesday.
  2. Juniper the veiled chameleon

    Juniper the veiled chameleon

    Juniper the chameleon enjoying her environment.
  3. 10-4-20 Updated all enclosures

    10-4-20 Updated all enclosures

    So these are my three dragon strand enclosures. Left: modified Medium tall Atrium. I added the pvc panels to the side to match my others. 30x24x48 Middle: Tall Hybrid 24x24x48 Right: Hybrid large atrium 48x24x48 www.dragonstrand.com
  4. Rango’s enclosure

    Rango’s enclosure

    Anyone recommend any changes?
  5. iggy5.jpg


    looking down into enclosure
  6. iggy4.jpg


    Front of the enclosure
  7. iggy3.jpg


    Iggy currently 7/13/2020
  8. iggy2.jpg


    Enclosure set up!
  9. Draco1702

    US Screen Cages

    I have several used screen cages of various sized suitable for chameleons and other arboreal reptiles. Basic style cages are screened on all sides except bottom require assembly; breeder style and nursery cages are from DragonStrand, with screened top and door, PVC sides, and foam potholders and...
  10. MeruJack

    Baby Condo / Enclosure / Nursery

    My Werner's surprised me with 8 babies a week ago. She is WC and was evidently already gravid when she came to me 5 months ago. In the past week since she gave birth I have been researching and gathering all the info I can find about Werner's chameleons and especially Werner's babies. One...
  11. chap

    How is my setup?

    Hi guys. I have added a couple more branches to my veiled's enclosure. Let me know how it looks! I will also be adding some live plants very soon. And the orange bucket is her laying bin. Lokee was a bit scared of the camera :rolleyes:
  12. DeremensisBlue

    New Juvenile to Adult Cage: Dragon Strand Atrium Series

    We at Dragon Strand are proud to introduce the new Atrium Cage series. This wide format cage has the dimensions of 28.5” wide x 29.5” high x 18” deep. These dimensions were specially formulated to provide a cage which would be able to hold a Veiled, Panther or Jackson’s Chameleon from 3 months...
  13. Dbash44

    Cheap Outdoor Enclosure Success and Directions!

    Through different research and through topics found on chameleon forums, I was able to put together my own rendition of an outdoor cham enclosure. In no way am I claiming rights to this, I just want to give back to that which has given me so much knowledge. I am not responsible for any injuries...
  14. ChameLIonLover

    Dragon Strand Cage w/ ledges

    Hi guys, this is my Cham's adult cage (i think). It's a dragon strand cage with the ledges. I know some people have asked about them, and I highly recommend them, especially if you have the extra cash and are concerned with putting plants and branches up with ease. I was thinking about...
  15. T

    What alternative animals can i store in my extra Chameleon Enclosure?

    I have just created a new custom enclosure for my Panther Chameleon which is 3x2x4ft and now I have a spare exo-terra 100Gal terrarium at home. I was just wondering what other alternative animal species could thrive in the exact same environment my Chameleon had used to stay in. For...
  16. codiwatkins

    DIY Living Wall Turtorial with PICTURES

    So I decided to make a terrarium wall for my Chams enclosure, instead of having plants on the ground. I am super excited with how it turned out and figured that maybe someone on here would like to see how I did it. I originally watched a youtube tutorial on how to do this for a frog terrarium in...
  17. LLLReptile

    Aluminum Screen Cages in all sizes!

    Looking for the best deal and the best customer service when ordering your chameleon's cage? We have a wide range of screen cages available to meet every need, either for starting your baby chameleon out right or maintaining your big adults! Starting small, we have a 16" x 15" x 20"...
  18. ReptiGeek

    Archer and his Adult Enclosure

    Just thought I would share a couple photos of Archer and his brand new adult enclosure! Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy :)
  19. Ninkylou

    And so it begins...

    Today marks the start and hopefully finish of the set up of my new Cham area. I am off to Lowes to find a hole saw to do my drainage, but here is a list of what I have and I will try to chronicle it in pictures. Video w/ sound might be better because I'm sure there will be some cursing...
  20. LLLReptile

    Bromeliads, tropical ferns, and more!

    Looking for plants to add to your chameleon cage or vivarium? We have a variety of plants you can use to create a lush, beautiful tropical enclosure! Tillandsias of various sizes Assorted varieties 2 - 3" $2.99 each, or 3 for $8.55 Medium Assorted Tillandsias 3-6" $3.29 each, or 3...
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