Bromeliads, tropical ferns, and more!

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Looking for plants to add to your chameleon cage or vivarium?

We have a variety of plants you can use to create a lush, beautiful tropical enclosure!

Tillandsias of various sizes

Assorted varieties 2 - 3" $2.99 each, or 3 for $8.55

Medium Assorted Tillandsias 3-6" $3.29 each, or 3 for $9.45

Large Assorted Tillandsias 6 - 9" $3.99 each or 3 for $10.95

Need LOTS of Tillandsias? We have discounts for 20 lots for $44.99 and and 40 lots at $79.99.

Don't forget your adhesive!

Would you like something besides air plants in your vivarium or chameleon cage? We have tons of live terrarium plants, ranging in size from 3" tall to 9" tall.

We also have beautiful Bromeliads!

They range in size of 5" tall to 10" tall, for $9.99 each

Ferns make excellent additions to planted cages! $3.99 each, 3" - 8" tall

Earth Star Plants are easy to grow, miniature bromeliads that add a little splash of color to your cage! $2.99 each

Live spanish moss adds a unique accent to any cage! Just $4.99 per bundle

We also carry small and large ficus trees, as well as succulents for decorating any size or type of cage!

Click here to see a brief video tour of one of our plant greenhouses, and get a look at a sample of the variety of plants available!

Visit our website at to see ALL of our available animals, feeders, and supplies!
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