Dragon Strand Cage w/ ledges

Hi guys, this is my Cham's adult cage (i think). It's a dragon strand cage with the ledges. I know some people have asked about them, and I highly recommend them, especially if you have the extra cash and are concerned with putting plants and branches up with ease.

I was thinking about adding great stuff to keep plants in, but I found this vine stuff at a plant nursery and I can hoist plants up with it and it's very stable. Once I have plants exactly where i want em, I'll probably just spray the great stuff around them and REALLY get em in stationary.

I have since hung another pothos on one of the bamboo ledges which is being supported by the ledges and the orchid is no longer in the cage.The second pic is showing his basking branches. Should I make it easier for him to get to them? He doesn't seem to have troubles getting right under the basking bulb so I figure it's ok.



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Your enclosure looks great. I'm putting my atrium enclosure right now. Installing the dragon ledges first. What is the flowering plant you have. I would love to get one.
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