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My Werner's surprised me with 8 babies a week ago. She is WC and was evidently already gravid when she came to me 5 months ago. In the past week since she gave birth I have been researching and gathering all the info I can find about Werner's chameleons and especially Werner's babies. One thing I read was that they need to be raised separately as they can be more aggressive towards their newborn siblings than other neonates. I had them altogether in an Exo Terra glass terrarium. So what I ended up doing was buying a used 55 gallon (48" long) tank and lid for $40 and a 48" hood with Exo Terra 2-week old tubes for $30. Then I measured the tank and divided it into eight 6"x18" sections. I bought eight 6" live plants but have decided to go with strands of fake ivy for right now until I know they can hunt and are eating and growing, etc. Tomorrow, I try out my new feeding system. I have attached a large bent paperclip to the top of each corrugated plastic wall that separates the individual sections. Tomorrow morning I am going to slip a thick slice of banana onto the unbent end of each paperclip and then pour the flightless fruit flies onto the bananas instead of the ivy. Hopefully the banana slices will keep the flies within tongue range of the babies. I will try to attach a picture of my baby accommodations as well as a picture or two of the babies climbing on their ivy chains.


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