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Chameleon Folk,
I have a special availability of the Gray Beginner Cages as originally designed and offered by Kammerflage Kreations. I had the honor of collaborating with them on a caging project and have a handful that I am able to, with their permission, make available here. They are completely new, unassembled and packaged for shipping. I have a limited number of these and am selling them bundled with the Drip Easy Drainage Tray at $109 + shipping for the bundle. I also have a couple of Beginner Drip Easy trays ($40) that I can sell separately as well as one Forever Cage Drip Easy ($44). If interested, you may find ordering information at this link

The Beginner cage has the dimensions of 20″ wide x 24″ tall x 14″ deep and is ideal for housing juvenile chameleons. It is perfect for a three month old panther or veiled chameleon and has enough room to accommodate a growing chameleon. It is of a size where a smaller chameleon will be able to easily see and access food items anywhere in the cage.

The Drip Easy drainage system was developed and productized by Ed Kammer of Kammerflage Kreations to quickly remove drainage water from the cage area. While the standard cage comes with a PVC solid green bottom, the Drip Easy system replaces the solid floor with a screen panel. This allows mist water to pass directly through to the included drainage tray. (You get both the solid floor and the screen panel so the choice is yours)

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