1. Baby Cosmo

    Baby Cosmo

    Little Cosmo (Nosy Be), adopted from Kammerflage (Daru x Darwi, DOH 4/28 - 5/17), explores his enclosure.
  2. Kat_72

    Panther babies for sale

    i have some beautiful cross locale panthers for sale. Hatched June1-7 they have been showing color since month 2-3. Parents can be traced through Kammerflage bloodlines. Sire is Ambanja/Ambilobe Dam is noseybe The males are showing beautiful blues and teals. Females are also showing some teals...
  3. Day 3: Chillin'

    Day 3: Chillin'

  4. Kammerflage Ambilobe Panther Chameleon Unboxing!

    Kammerflage Ambilobe Panther Chameleon Unboxing!

    We received our BEAUTIFUL baby boy today from Kammerflage Kreations ( https://www.chameleonsonly.com ). A huge shout out to Nature Box Pet Emporium ( http://www.natureboxpetemporium.com ) for this opportunity. Nature Box did a food drive for the Denver Rescue Mission, and many vendors and breeders
  5. Day 1: Colors!

    Day 1: Colors!

    AMAZING colors at 3 months old.
  6. Day 1: Exploring

    Day 1: Exploring

    Checking things out in the back.
  7. Day 1: Basking

    Day 1: Basking

    Enjoying the lights and heat.
  8. Day 1: Exploring

    Day 1: Exploring

    Checking out his new home.
  9. Day 2: Resting

    Day 2: Resting

    I swear he is a different color every time I look at him.
  10. Day 2: Tail

    Day 2: Tail

    Beautiful curl before exploring after waking up.
  11. Day 2: Wakey wakey

    Day 2: Wakey wakey

    This is where BJ slept.
  12. Day 1: Introductions

    Day 1: Introductions

    BJ's first day. After he checked out his enclosure, he came to the entrance and let us hold him.
  13. DeremensisBlue

    Beginner Cage and Drip Easy Bundles Available

    Chameleon Folk, I have a special availability of the Gray Beginner Cages as originally designed and offered by Kammerflage Kreations. I had the honor of collaborating with them on a caging project and have a handful that I am able to, with their permission, make available here. They are...
  14. summoner12

    AquaZamp @ Repti-Con LA/OC

    Come by the AquaZamp booth for special show prices. :) Even if you aren't looking to purchase a system, come by and say "Hello!". Get the details from Repticon: Link Basics: show is at the Orange County Fair Grounds Enter at gate #8 Parking and entry are pretty reasonable...
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