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  3. Scar


    Let me sleep, human!
  4. Chillin


    Dayo’s Favorite Place
  5. IMG_7408.JPG


    6 months old, first time holding him in a month.
  6. DeremensisBlue

    Beginner Cage and Drip Easy Bundles Available

    Chameleon Folk, I have a special availability of the Gray Beginner Cages as originally designed and offered by Kammerflage Kreations. I had the honor of collaborating with them on a caging project and have a handful that I am able to, with their permission, make available here. They are...
  7. DeremensisBlue

    Scientific Study on the Effect of Social Isolation on Juvenile Veiled Chameleons

    The study in 2013 on the effects of social isolation on juvenile veiled chameleons sparked numerous discussions on the needs of lizards for social interaction. Much of the media coverage made leaps that were not part of the study. For example, both the titles "Lizards Need Social Lives Too"...
  8. BbyK4y

    Chameleon delivered with problem; Help

    I bought a male, around 7 month old, flap neck chameleon from a company which is located in California and I'm located in Florida. It was shipped 5pm last night and got to my house at 9:30am. First issue, I was not home to put it in the cage and open the box my dad was but he said he was fine...
  9. ReptiGeek

    Archer and his Adult Enclosure

    Just thought I would share a couple photos of Archer and his brand new adult enclosure! Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy :)
  10. sandrachameleon


    This little monster is growing fast. About a month ago: Today:
  11. Coded

    Young Sambava Colors

    Young Sambava Colors - UPDATED Here is Bucky showing some good color at 4.5 months old(he arrived yesterday from ataraxia via classifieds). Can't wait to see what he grows into!
  12. Nrupaw

    Jacksons Chameleon Age Question

    So there's a baby male Jacksons Chameleon I have had my eye on at my local pet store but never got it because i felt it was too young. Recently, its now started to lose it brown color and get the regular green pigmentation. Its tri-horns are now pretty distinct too. Size wise, i want to say its...
  13. Monties1982

    Lots of Tommy pics!

    I took several pictures of my 4.5 month old montium, Thomas, the other day. Enjoy!
  14. Seeco

    Are my females getting too fat? Kinyongia multituberculata

    The answer might be yes but I think they are beautiful and here is why: Sorry, no clever captions this time (https://www.chameleonforums.com/hey-get-away-me-giant-outdoor-photos-3-sisters-53550/). These are my future breeders. they will be the moms of all my clutches from now on.
  15. Leonardo

    Getting that red around his face.

    My cham is about 4.5 months now, he is a panther morph. Here is his set up I built. He has the longest tail, I'm sure its average, it just seems so long.
  16. eisentrauti

    Bradypodion setaroi juveniles and adults

    Hi, here are some pics of one of the smallest ovoviviparous chameleon species, Bradypodion setaroi: Male pics: Female pics: Juvenile pics, they are max one inch TL !: Enjoy !
  17. Eragon in the Sun!

    Eragon in the Sun!

    Eragon's first time sun bathing on a warm winter day!(:
  18. Watching You Watching Me

    Watching You Watching Me

    Closeup of our new panther chameleon
  19. Juvenile Jackson's Chameleon

    Juvenile Jackson's Chameleon

    His name is Jax.
  20. Chillin With Dave

    Chillin With Dave

    My newest addition to my family, Dave is my veiled chameleon and loves to chill calmly on my fingers
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