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Handsome little man you have Sandra :) Looks like he is growing in to some really nice colours. Look forward to seeing update pics as he grows.


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Growing like a little weed he is! Amazing the changes he has gone through in just one month. Must be all the good gut load!!!


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He is just a beautiful picture of health. The growth when they are that small is so fun to watch. He is growing into his colors. Keep the pictures coming.


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thanks everyone.

He hatched in mid-may, I got him towards the latter half of June at about 5 weeks old, so he's about 9 weeks old now.

This is my first time having a veiled, and his growth/size, compared to the panthers Im far more familiar with, is remarkable. He's got to be double the size of a similarly aged panther.:eek:

I stick to the same feeding theory as I used with all my panthers - giving him as much as he can eat in about 5 minutes once or twice (occasionally three times) a day. I suspect he'd eat constantly if I gave him the opportunity!

I've posted a log of his food intake so fare this month:
Id love to hear from other veiled owners if this seems a reasonable intake for his age!?


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August 2013

A little over 3 months old now. He's comparable to the size of a 10 month old panther. I find the growth rate of veiled compared to panthers remarkable.

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He's only 3 months old??!?!? Holy cow! I have recently started trying to follow your gutload recipies (with my own modification based on what I can or can't find :)), and I'm glad I did. WOW!! He's gorgeous and huge. My 1 year old male was only 2.5 months old when I got him but it took him about 3 more months before he looked like that. WOW! That's all I can say - WOW!!


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If that isn't definitive evidence of the efficacy of your gutloading technique then nothing is! Just incredible how big he is at just 3 months.... If it was just about anyone else I would call BS :D I don't think Godzilla was that big at 3 months!! I can't wait to see him full grown :eek:


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If he wasn't right in front of my face, I'd call BS too.

I would say his genetics and having had a healthy mother are equally if not more critical factors than my gutloading, although obviously a good diet is helpful. And its possible I am over-feeding him; I really hope Im not ! He's not getting much more than my adult panthers.
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