1. Nikkifer

    a year on..

    So I haven't been on here for nearly a year! I took on a rescue Yemen who took up ALOT of my time. Unfortunately he didn't make it but I know I gave him the best I could before he went. I vowed after that I didn't want another as I was really upset at losing him. However here I am, a year on...
  2. ReptiGeek

    Gizmo is so photogenic!

    Alrighty, decided to take a few shots of Gizmo while the camera was out. Side-note, he makes me want to get another veiled. Should I go female or male?
  3. ReptiGeek

    Gizmo, my main man

    The boy who started it all!
  4. sandrachameleon


    This little monster is growing fast. About a month ago: Today:
  5. waynederby

    Yoshi is growing up

    I posted in here a couple of months back with pictures of my new little cham 'yoshi'.... Here are pictures of her now :)
  6. Pascals Companion

    Yemen Chameleon : Aging

    If my male yemen didn't have a veil nearly at all when I got him what age could he have been at that point tops? 2 weeks - 1 month? o-o Just curious cause he's grown quite a bit but atm i'd say he's only 7-8 inches from nose to the end of his tail. But where I'm going with this...
  7. Yemen08

    Reptibreeze Drainage

    I have a work in progress design for a drainage system for a XL reptibreeze, would love to have a LLL cage but shipping is astronomical! Any comments, ideas or improvements would be most appreciated. Thank you Gaz
  8. Xepera

    My new veiled is a treasure!

    After a whole year of planing and arranging our little yemen guy is finally here. He arrived saturday evening and already he's brought us tons of joy. He's such a sweatheart and handsome too! He was born in Sweden in february, so he's about 5 months old. He seems healthy in every way, but please...
  9. gollum

    painting in progress...

    after my last drawing got such a good response(and a few commisions:)...which i will be starting soon...when i get new pencils!), i was inspired to do more, been busy tho, so i havent got much done, but i thought i'd show you a couple of work in progress shots, this one is of my own veiled...
  10. gollum

    gollum macro shots

    just found a macro setting on my dads camera, im no photographer, but i had a bit of fun! p.s i couldn't find the manual focus button, so it was all automatic, ...hope you enjoy
  11. gollum

    cham escape!

    my veiled escaped from his outside encloser about an hour ago, i saw him disapear into the bush next door!, cant find him anywhere!, its not looking good! my bro will be home soon, but its a really think bush, and theres cats everywhere, i dunno what to do!:(
  12. gollum

    night heating?

    hey, just wondered what pepole use to heat there cages at night, i know its not needed in warmer areas/seasons, but i live in the UK and it can get pretty cold at night, at the moment the room temp drops to about 64f, so thats fine for a veiled right? anyway, in the winter the room temp can...
  13. gollum

    feeding strike

    hi, i'm new to the forum, i have a male veiled chameleon thats gone on hunger stike, he used to eat eveything i put in from of him, then he would only eat waxworms, now only superworms, but he only eat a couple of them every few days! he's about 18 months old, i heard they eat less when they...
  14. Gizmo's Headshots

    Gizmo's Headshots

    Gizmo, a two year old veiled chameleon, models for his owner's big scary camera.
  15. Randall In The Waves

    Randall In The Waves

    Young male Veiled in red croton.
  16. Death Of A Cricket

    Death Of A Cricket

    An action shot of my veiled, Apollo, eating a tasty cricket
  17. Eli


    This is Eli he is a 3 month old Veiled chameleon
  18. New Family Member, My Yemen Chameleon

    New Family Member, My Yemen Chameleon

  19. Colin


    Colin the Chameleon
  20. Spying Eyes

    Spying Eyes

    Apollo spying on me from his ficus on top of my bookshelf.
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