1. Good things about making friends with your vet

    Good things about making friends with your vet

    Hello! So some people have seen, my girl is laying her first clutch. It is very tense in my house, as she has had MBD. Being friends with Sweet Pea’s owner has helped me immensely, however it does not take away every anxiety. My exotic vet and I talk quite frequently. He has helped with Kiwi’s...
  2. Rango’s enclosure

    Rango’s enclosure

    Anyone recommend any changes?
  3. Target locked!

    Target locked!

    Clarice’s game face.
  4. polite boy

    polite boy

  5. Recovered


    Hello! I haven’t posted in a bit! Kiwi has made a full recovery, and is now climbing and back to being very happy and content. I am THRILLED will the progress!
  6. Clarice


    Clarice exploring the free range.
  7. 20190530_202411.jpg


    Veiled chameleon sleeping in pothos plant
  8. IMG_7408.JPG


    6 months old, first time holding him in a month.
  9. Loretta um... she's paying her way through college.

    Loretta um... she's paying her way through college.

    Loretta wants all the boy veiled chameleons to see this...
  10. Loretta amongst her royal subjects

    Loretta amongst her royal subjects

    Loretta was playing in the baby collard greens and swiss chard. She was having THE most fun :3
  11. gorgeous girl is getting so big!!!

    gorgeous girl is getting so big!!!

    She's about 4 or 5 months old ♡
  12. Loretta asleep

    Loretta asleep

    Loretta is so sweet! She is so happy to curl up and sleep on her humans hand.
  13. Carmen came up to me!

    Carmen came up to me!

    She hates being held usually but came right up to me! I put my finger to her and she grabbed it! I spent an hour last night talking to her in a soft voice with her cage open so she may trust me a bit more. She likes me now! Even ate from my hand!
  14. Sun feels good

    Sun feels good

  15. what'd you call me?

    what'd you call me?

  16. bruce hangin loose

    bruce hangin loose

  17. C

    My male Veiled showing off

    I got him at the NH Reptile show back in March as 2yr old and he is looking as handsome as ever outside! His change of colors is phenomenal to me, enjoy!
  18. MsCham

    Thinking his body is a branch

    Some specs: *Veiled cham ~9months old? Lights: *Lights: Exo Terra 75W Infared Basking Spot and an Exo Terra UVB Bulb 75W... * ~10hr cycle on/off Temps: *Bot: ~80 *Top: ~90 *Night Temperatures don't go below 70 *Humidity Ranging from 40-70 (Been struggling to keep it above 50) *Dripper on for...
  19. Lunirra

    Jade's 'then and now' photo!

    Here is Jade the day I got her (Feb. 19) and then again today (May 28). They grow so unbelievably fast! The photo of her as a baby, she was on my 6yr old daughter's hand. She was so tiny! :P Looks like 2 completely different Chameleons!
  20. MsCham

    He's grown so much!!

    Day I brought him home: A few days after settling into his enclosure: (Which I have changed so many times since starting, but hey, I learn!!) First shed: First deck trip (to an outdoor enclosure) for some real sun: Few days ago: He was stressed after being relocated for cleaning his...
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