Bradypodion setaroi juveniles and adults


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here are some pics of one of the smallest ovoviviparous chameleon species, Bradypodion setaroi:

Male pics:

Female pics:

Juvenile pics, they are max one inch TL !:

Enjoy !


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Very Cool! What is the average weight of an adult?

Good question...Normally I don't weight my animals. But I can do it if you are interested. I think they have round 10-20 gr

@Jack: Thanks, it's very difficult to make good pics of them. The colours are much better in natural sunlight, but setarois don't like the camera :-(


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Ben. What are you doing with such criticaly endangered animals?

Haha guess what? I just got a text right now while im typing this that my cousin found a pumilum, I told them to look out and see how they are doing and he already found 1 (im glad there are still so many of them) He sent me a pic its a nice big female.
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