Young Sambava Colors


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Young Sambava Colors - UPDATED

Here is Bucky showing some good color at 4.5 months old(he arrived yesterday from ataraxia via classifieds). Can't wait to see what he grows into!

I love those calm colors. I think he will have some good reds later.. I love the light greens and blues on his face too.

Chams are like paintings!
Thanks everyone for the compliments. I appreciate them. Here are a few more pics I took today. My walls are obviously red, and I am not sure how he feels about that, but I have been looking into local print places. I want to get some sort of jungle background wall paper that I can place behind that cage to give him a more homey feel. He looks like he is going to start a shed soon, which I am excited about as well.




He will take mealworms from my hand, but the silks and horns don't move around enough for him to really take notice(so I place them on his vine). He seems to like horns more than the silks, but eats them all.

Today was the first day I took him out of his cage; to weigh him and clean his cage(as well as let him get some real sun). He was a little nervous(got real bright) and then a little pissy/hissy(got real dark), but he really enjoyed being outside after he calmed down. I have had him for a week, and he weighed 28g when I got him, but he is already up to 46g and growing more everyday. Still waiting on his first shed, but it looks like it should happen very soon.

Here he is at 5 months old(today). It was pretty windy(20+ mph gusts) and very overcast, but about 80 degrees with 75% humidity so I took him outside for a few hours while I cleaned his cage. He looks a lot like his grandfather Rantabe when I put him outside and I need to get some pics of that. He is up to 56g so far and about 9-10 inches head to tail.


He didn't go dark or hiss at me today(like last week), but he was pretty stressed. The only time her ever clings to the top of his cage is when I put him back in it from being outside, that is immediately where he goes. Anywho, he is firing some good color here.

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