furcifer pardalis

  1. Foggers, Pothos, and everything in between!

    Foggers, Pothos, and everything in between!

    Welcome to This Chameleon Life! In this week's Chameleon Hour video I took you along with me as I fueled up with some Chameleon Cold brew. I did not realize the controversy this would cause. I thought there was concern tht I was drinking cold brew concentrate directly and the intensity of...
  2. Panther Chameleon Care Requirements

    Panther Chameleon Care Requirements

    An in-depth study of the Panther Chameleon care requirements to get you started off right.
  3. ´We ladies are always overlooked, well here I´m, my name is Cher´

    ´We ladies are always overlooked, well here I´m, my name is Cher´

    Furcifer Pardalis getting an attitude
  4. Ambilobe x ambanja

    Ambilobe x ambanja

    Don’t kick me brad
  5. Scar


    Neighborhood watch!
  6. Scar


    Let me sleep, human!
  7. Photo model!

    Photo model!

    My little baby female panther chameleon is a natural for photo shooting! Her name is Eva!
  8. Madmartigan


  9. 5months


    Madmartigan at 5 months
  10. Little CJ

    Little CJ

    After CJ passed away, I went looking for some photos, and here is 3 month old CJ. Rest In Peace buddy, I miss you. :(
  11. My blue little gemstone!

    My blue little gemstone!

    Incubus in his bioactive terrarium!
  12. Incubus be watching you

    Incubus be watching you

    Incubus in his free range I am so disappointed with the quality here. My camera didn't want to get this harp even tho I use a 2.8 objective
  13. LLLReptile

    Baby Blue Bar Ambilobes $80 off!

    Well started babies! $179.99 each Baby Blue Bar Ambilobes - click here for size and more details! For shipping cost and full Live Arrival Guarantee, please click here! -Jen
  14. Coded

    Young Sambava Colors

    Young Sambava Colors - UPDATED Here is Bucky showing some good color at 4.5 months old(he arrived yesterday from ataraxia via classifieds). Can't wait to see what he grows into!
  15. gpmo

    Dermestids cleaning female panther time lapse (sort of)

    Hi all, It has been awhile since we have posted, things have been crazy lately. Sadly we lost one of your female panthers recently, and we decided to immortalize her by articulating her skeleton. The first step is cleaning the bones. We considered many different options and decided that...
  16. redtom123

    Nosy faly update Madagascar 2011

    I just updated my Nosy faly site including video checkit out on: http://www.pantherchameleon.de/madagascar_chameleons/furcifer-pardalis-madagascar?q=node/78/ enjoy it Thomas
  17. radstusky

    Check out this cool website!

    I found this great website with some really awesome pics and videos of Parson's: http://www.arkive.org/parsons-chameleon/calumma-parsonii/ and of panthers too: http://www.arkive.org/panther-chameleon/furcifer-pardalis/ and a bunch of other species on there too, I could probably spend...
  18. radstusky

    My 10 month old Sambava pics!

    Here are some recent pics of my Sambava, Leo. For a few more pics and his growth chart, check out my blog: https://www.chameleonforums.com/blogs/radstusky/357-growth-record-september-2010.html These first two show him working on shedding:
  19. Incubus' ready for some breakfast

    Incubus' ready for some breakfast

  20. Incubus seems to be judging the height of his new standpoint

    Incubus seems to be judging the height of his new standpoint

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