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    1. zsazsa85
      Hi There
      I just saw your post from earlier this year about possible pox virus on your cham. Is it gone? I think my cham has pox virus and I'm looking for help...
      Thank you
    2. GrimCamel
      The wastelands await!
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    May 8, 1996 (Age: 21)
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    Sweden, Rörö
    Grim Ryberg
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    Panther Chameleon
    Well, what to tell about me? I am a fairly young animal enthusiast, photographer and gamer who spends too much time at home. I've always been living with dogs, all with their own personalities and temper. Here below is my own whippet Ritza which I own together with my mother who is the manager of kennel Maxfield, mainly breeding Field Spaniels but also Whippets.


    A dog with a big personality who likes to be in the center. I can't say my chameleon likes her tho but since she is such a calm dog, mostly sleeping in his presents they can "get along" fairly well.


    I do enjoy psychology on a hobby level too. The more extreme conditions in humans and just behavior in animals. The body language of a dog is fairly easy for most humans but the real deal is not among the carnivorous. I guess it just started with the big animals. I have been studying Natural Horsemanship which include understanding the body language of a horse. Horses are such interesting beings and really misunderstood by many. Individuals viewed as aggressive or mean just have a story to tell. If you get kicked or bitten you have obviously not been paying attention to all the signs the horse been trying to give you. It's really just a language built up on small signals and movements that wont get obvious for everyone until the horse got tired of you not listening and made an "aggressive" move. I am forwarding my learnings about these amazing beings to my chameleon. It may seem stupid since they are so different. One is a social being the other one is not, one is huge the other small, warm blooded and cold blooded but what are we humans to them both? Predators, yes. They are both species that needs a bond of trust, where you point your eyes matter, your movements matter and their space matters. So far I've made really interesting studies about what makes these two animals alike.


    I am also a owner of a couple of dwarf bunnies who lives side by side with my chameleon. They doesn't seem to mind each other at all. One does not see the other and the other seems to know that too.
    Both the bunnies are 6 years old, a male and female couple who had one litter together before castration of the male. The female had one litter after that, experimenting with the rex gene (which my sister adores for some reason) before she retired with her partner.


    As a gamer and photographer I just have to work with screenshots and graphic modifications. I don't create much content myself other than screenshots which can be viewed on the Nexus.
    Nerdy huh? Well you only know half of the story.
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