sambava panther

  1. Father n son

    Father n son

    The extremely rare scenario of two boys who like each other ALOT. LEIF N TRIPOD
  2. Texas Ranger

    US Sambava panther chameleons 3 to 5 months old.

    Hello yall. We have some awesome panther chameleon sambava local babies available. The sire is Mufasa I will post a few pics of him as well as some of the babies available check out those awesome U bars. I have males and female 3 to 5 months of age. Males 3 months start at $475 Males 5 months...
  3. Camiezone

    US Pure sambava babies.

    Hi everyone. My precious babies are almost ready for new adventures and branches to explore. I got 9 total. Pure Sambava Panther babies, all hatched throughout September, 2021. Sire ~LEIF~ is from Kammerflage. He is 1.7 yrs old, Weighs 207 grams, perfect health, gentle temperament and extremely...
  4. Coded

    Young Sambava Colors

    Young Sambava Colors - UPDATED Here is Bucky showing some good color at 4.5 months old(he arrived yesterday from ataraxia via classifieds). Can't wait to see what he grows into!
  5. Panther Company

    Our Sambava, Nero, and our Stunning WC Blue Bar Ambilobe

    Sambava named Nero, came to us from from CricketKilla. Firing roughly halfway. The yellow gets richer, bands turn red/burgundy, and the U bar becomes more clearly defined when he's fully firing, but this is a good preview. This is the awesome WC Ambilobe that we picked up from Red Island...
  6. Zajlol

    my new video on youtube

    this is my no name sambava panther chameleon, hes super friendly and love to come out! here is a video of him:
  7. Zajlol

    friendly chameleon (video)

    this is my 6 month old sambava panther chameleon he is super friendly!! i know people say not to hold your cham but mine loves to be held and come out of his cage i hold him almost everyday and he is NEVER stressed!! once i open his cage he comes right out!! when i open it to feed him in the...
  8. Zajlol

    Fireing up?

    Hey I had a quick question so I have a male 6 month old sambava panther chameleon and I've been showing him himself his reflection. He won't fire up. :( Why not?
  9. Zajlol

    look what i made

    hey look what i made for my cham tell me what u think.
  10. Zajlol

    Head bobbing

    So my male panther Cham has been head bobbing me lately why?? Lol he's 6 months old almost 7
  11. Zajlol

    New cage

    Hi I was wondering when I should get a adult cage for my 6 month old panther chameleon? Idk what the size is the cage is from screameleons.
  12. Zajlol

    Kammer chameleon (Cortez)

    Hey every one I wanted to see if any one has a kammer chameleon from the sire Cortez if you do post a pic!!
  13. Zajlol

    update on my sambava panther(video)

    hey guys this is an update on my sambava he is now 6 months old and so much brighter!!! check out this video.
  14. Zajlol

    Pictures of sambavas

    Hey so I was bored and I really want to see other peoples sambavas. If you have a sambava panther chameleon you should post a pic here! :)
  15. Zajlol

    sambava panther chameleon

    hey guys i just took some new pictures of my 5 month old sambava panther i dont have a name for him any sugestions? thanks Zach :D
  16. Zajlol

    Panther color

    I was wondering something my panther chameleon is sometimes dark color in his cage, but once I take him out he brightens up a lot why is that?
  17. radstusky

    Leo's spring time color progression! ***pic heavy***

    Leo my sambava has changed so much in the last couple of months, I just wanted to show the changes here. He's 18 months old, so perhaps we are only starting to see his full adult colors now, I'm not really sure. I'm sure that finally getting some time outside has made a big difference too, and...
  18. radstusky

    My 10 month old Sambava pics!

    Here are some recent pics of my Sambava, Leo. For a few more pics and his growth chart, check out my blog: These first two show him working on shedding:
  19. radstusky

    Chameleon cam is back!

    I finally got my cham cam back up and running and this time it's much better than before. The camera is placed on the inside of the cage so you can see my Sambava panther very well. For those who remember, I did have a cam set up months ago, but then the camera was on the outside which made...
  20. radstusky

    Leonardo's first outing!

    It is such a nice day today, and of course a great day to take off work too. :) Here are a few pics of my little guy outside for the very first time. I'm starting to see more and more colors and I can't wait to see how colorful he's going to be!
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