Fireing up?


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Hey I had a quick question so I have a male 6 month old sambava panther chameleon and I've been showing him himself his reflection. He won't fire up. :( Why not?


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Not all chams get territorial immediatly after they have hit 6 months. Some take longer to hit there growth spurt and/or get aggressive. Some may never get aggressive. If you try showing him a female then his reflection then there is a possibility he will fire up. Don't expect any luck though because it doesn't work on every cham.


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My chameleon never real fired up in front of the mirror or anything. Some will and some won't I guess!


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lol i think people overstress on the whole "stress" now and then its fine...even stimulating if you ask me....we try to make their evironement close to how it is BUT the one thing missing is what they are good at...."survival", insitncts,.....they just have a "safe: environment AND with a constant supply of food/ the wild they hunt, they see animals, they see other panthers....stress and me if you constantly hold them is an issue but other than that...they are tough,, as far as panthers and veileds go...other chams i cant say...some are shy or pissy to begin with:p

if you want to see him fire up, try showing a female, or a picture of a fired up cham

but sometimes you just got those mellow chams

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None of my guys ever fired up in front of the mirror. They seemed to always be more focused on me then their reflection. They will all go nuts for the females though:D


Sorry for bringing up dead thread. But i tried placing him in front of mirror this morning and he wouldn't fire up. I guess mine is either too your or one of that mellow cham. :)
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