fired up

  1. Caught in the act!

    Caught in the act!

    Beman going on an adventure climbing his plant that can not support his weight.
  2. Fiery boi

    Fiery boi

    Fired up 2 year old Ambilobe panther, after seeing my female panther. How rude, staring like that.
  3. Zajlol

    Fireing up?

    Hey I had a quick question so I have a male 6 month old sambava panther chameleon and I've been showing him himself his reflection. He won't fire up. :( Why not?
  4. kenya

    Genmaicha Shows His Colors!

    An update...I took these of Genmaicha today. One is entered in the photo contest. His original ones can be found on the first and second pages of this thread. At rest he is navy blue on darker navy blue or light blue on light yellow. Sleeping right now, he is light blue bar on light...
  5. kenya

    Panthers in the night! (photos!)

    I spotted Darjeeling sleeping in a cute "bed" of sorts that fit his studly body perfectly. I decided to try Gesang's advice and wake him with another male to see if he would fire up. Matcha picked up some of the best colors I have seen on him. Here he is earlier today...

    Nemo, fired up!

    Here is a couple of pictures I took of Nemo the other night. He was all fired up! I don't think he liked the new kitty because he never acts like this when I handle him. Check it out! Blue-red bars that turn into yellow-green bars? Colorful cat... :p Here he is, just chillin'...
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