Panthers in the night! (photos!)


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I spotted Darjeeling sleeping in a cute "bed" of sorts that fit his studly body perfectly.

I decided to try Gesang's advice and wake him with another male to see if he would fire up.

Matcha picked up some of the best colors I have seen on him. Here he is earlier today.

Here he is tonight:

They are both happy and back in "bed" :)


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Kenya, gorgeous chams. The emotion depicted by Darjeeling in photo #2 is well known as "giving the stink eye". You have been given one.


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i have a sambava also i can never seem to get fired up! ive gotten close a couple times but never a full fire up

o confusing!!:confused::confused:
I am sure I will get banned for this... BUT when I read your title I couldn't help but think of Nick's video for all of us who have never seen Panthers sleeping in trees at night! I am sure this was not your intention ;) BUT my brain works in WEIRD ways.


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if i wake my sambava up, you'd think its the end of the world, im working on getting a reallly good photo.

but he goes almost pure yellow/orange with black bar/dark dark red bars.

they both look great kenya.
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