Genmaicha Shows His Colors!


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An update...I took these of Genmaicha today. One is entered in the photo contest. His original ones can be found on the first and second pages of this thread.

At rest he is navy blue on darker navy blue or light blue on light yellow. Sleeping right now, he is light blue bar on light orange. Sometimes his background is greenish at rest. Weird cham.

I got him fired up today...the pics go in progression from irritated, angry, super mad, pissed!



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The way the angle is it looked like he had really bad mbd on his back foot. Just the angle, though. Great looking colors. :)


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Man, what a beautiful cham. I have never seen one that lloks like him. I even went back to the older pisc and he is just awsome!


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For comparison, here are some quick snapshots I snuck up and got a few minutes ago. Excuse the bag in the background- it is temporary for blocking line of vision until I get pegboard put up. He got red pretty quickly; he usually has none at rest. He developed it in the time it took me to open the cage and point the camera at him.


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That guy is freaking awesome. I love the contrast. Great series of pics to show what a range these guys can have.


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Thanks for all the compliments, guys! Genmaicha will hopefully have a clutch incubating within the next week or so. :D

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Just a thought...Pegboard will still give chameleons the ability to see each other, won't it? I have had Chams stick their eye right by a crack in my vision barrier to see the neighbor. I couldn't figure out why they were always so fired up all the time! Sandrachameleon uses it, I bet she could confirm if this is an issue.
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