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Dragon Strand cages are now completely rust-proof.

In my quest to offer the highest quality caging I have finally sourced every component that goes into Dragon Strand cages to be aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel. While companies will brag of the components that are aluminum or stainless steel, a quick check with a magnet will show that some other component they don’t mention (the hinges, screen, or screws) will still contain a rust-prone metal. The former zinc-plated hinges on Dragon Strand cages were suitable for most conditions, but, with their plastic/stainless steel replacement, these cages are now suitable for all levels of constant humidity. I got into caging because I wanted to have the best quality available for the community I have been a part of for the last three decades. I have proactively innovated with the Breeder series, the Dragon Ledges, and I am now raising the quality on the Keepers series screen cage line to a level further beyond what we used to have available to us.

All cages ordered from this point on will be completely rust proof. Dragon Strand is not the cheapest cage out there and my designs do not compromise for price sake. There is certainly a market based on price and I leave that to others. Simply stated, my place is to produce and provide the highest quality cage available.

For those that ask what Dragon Strand offers that constitutes quality I offer this comparison matrix. It is not just about rust free components. It is also the other considerations that go into a comprehensive cage that addresses our needs. (All competitor cages studied were purchased within the last six months.)

Guide to Screen Cage Features
Aluminum Screen: The screening is the first component to rust. There is no excuse for offering a cage that is coated metal. If a magnet sticks to the screen of your “great deal” cage you now know why it was such a great deal. Complaints about rusting screen were common and it is unfortunate that the companies offering imported cages needed public complaints before they changed to aluminum screen. Unfortunately, since imported cages come over in case loads even a company that says they have changed their design may have a warehouse full of metal screen cages that will still be sold to you.
Door Handles: Tired of trying to open doors from the top or jamming your fingers underneath to lift up the service door? Me too. All Dragon Strand cages have door handles on both the main door and the service door.
Service Door Stops: Make sure your cage has a way to keep the service door (the bottom door that flips up for easy cleaning) held closed when tabs loosen.
Vine Holders: These are the loops that can be installed on the top panel and have the strength to hold artificial vines. A nice touch which makes adding a vine easy.
Substrate Trays: Substrate Trays fit inside the cage and provide a basin to place a moss floor. Although a nice option, these are for creating a naturalistic environment. This is not the usual use case for a screen cage. Companies that offer substrate trays instead of drainage trays are obviously not chameleon people. The last thing you want to do with all the water we need to run through our cages to hydrate a chameleon is mix it with chameleon poop and keep it inside the cage. I get a number of inquiries from people asking about drainage solutions for Reptibreeze and DIY cages. The cage dimensions are not exact to mine so I cannot help. These companies that buy from Chinese suppliers tend to offer substrate trays. I find it curious that the people who decided to create mass-produced chameleon cages did not actually try to keep a chameleon and find out how bad of an idea this is.
Drainage Tray: Drainage Trays are the trays that fit underneath the cage. These trays allow the water to flow out of the cage for disposal in a manner appropriate to each keeper’s situation (either wet/dry vac or by user installed bulkhead for gravity drainage). As of this point in time, Dragon Strand is the only company with an appropriately sized drainage tray for the 48”screen cage which allows complete use of the service door.
Made in USA: Why is it important where the cage is made? In this case it is a quality issue. Dragon Strand uses the longest running USA cage manufacturing company to produce its designs. This means I can monitor quality for every ten cages produced – not by the case load from China. If there is a problem it is dealt with immediately. I know my manufacturer personally and we collaborate on effective design. I know his obsessive approach to quality and that is what I need to make available the cages we chameleon keepers deserve. Made in China allows lower pricing, but there is a quality cost that comes with that. I cannot do hit and miss in this area.
100% Rust Proof: “Mostly” rust proof is acceptable in most cases. This becomes a problem only in high humidity environments. The new 100% rust free design is the reason that Dragon Strand was chosen by ChamEO chameleon rescue to re-cage their greenhouse facility. All Dragon Strand cages ordered and shipped from this point on are made completely by non-rusting components and materials. Do you live in humid environment? Come on by and check out the cages that will not rust.

This is my community. I intend for us to have the best.
Start here to see what is available specifically for chameleon keepers

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