1. Draco1702

    US Screen Cages

    I have several used screen cages of various sized suitable for chameleons and other arboreal reptiles. Basic style cages are screened on all sides except bottom require assembly; breeder style and nursery cages are from DragonStrand, with screened top and door, PVC sides, and foam potholders and...
  2. DeremensisBlue

    New Clear Side Enclosures from Dragon Strand

    Dragon Strand introduces the new Clear Side Enclosure line. This is the flagship line of enclosures at Dragon Strand suitable for displays meant to show off your chameleon and interior design. The Clear Side Enclosures have clear solid sides on the front, right side and back. The left...
  3. DeremensisBlue

    Dragon Strand:100% Rust Free Cages

    Dragon Strand cages are now completely rust-proof. In my quest to offer the highest quality caging I have finally sourced every component that goes into Dragon Strand cages to be aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel. While companies will brag of the components that are aluminum or stainless...
  4. DeremensisBlue

    Baby Caging for Raising the Best Chameleon Babies Possible

    Chameleons: 0 to 4 Months The Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System was designed specifically for your baby chameleon’s first months of life. Responsible breeders will keep baby chameleons until they are well started and big enough to truly be ready to go to a new home. The Nursery Cage System...
  5. DeremensisBlue

    Dragon Strand Investigative Report: Rack Abuse!

    This is a Dragon Strand Investigative Report. Thor the Dragon reporting (that’s me above). A number of disturbing observations have been made by our eyes and ears in the field. They wish to remain anonymous, but suffice to say they may or may not be escaped feeder dubia (non-infesting, of...
  6. Kamillion

    This is the best to keep your crickets in!!!

    I was having trouble with transporting my crickets from thier bin to my ( bag) for dusting. I went to petco and picked up LEES KRICKET KEEPER for $25 which can house up to 130 medium sized crickets. This thing is the BEST!! The tubs have a clear plastic at each top so you can see how many...
  7. camaleonte82

    New pygmy cage. any advice??

    So this is My new pygmy cage. i dont have pygmys yet. but if anyone is selling any or knows where to get some it would be greatly appreciated if you could help me find some. anyway. any suggestions on how to make my pygmy cage better other then letting my plants grow and thicken up a bit...
  8. Echoezra

    (not free) ranging - alternating cages?

    I am planning for my newcomers, and although I'm paranoid about free ranging because of my curious cats, I was considering the possible benefits of setting up additional cages to alternate them to in other rooms, to get sort of the same benefit of getting out of their "usual home cage" for a...
  9. summoner12

    Henry's Free Range.

    I have two adult Melleri that I free range. They do not live together. Today I worked on Henry's free range. I acquired Henry from a member on the forum who was moving and could not take him with. Henry has been living free range style in the living room as a temporary home. Today I was able to...
  10. JoshCrane1

    Cage Setups Tweeked and Herpmist Added.

    Hey you all, Just finished tweeking a few things in Turk and Kamilas' cages, including drip vines, bamboo divider,and new plants. also installed the herpmist big enchilada system and i love it so far. little Turk ran over to it when i first started it up, he loves it even though the water is...
  11. My Veiled Chemeleons Cage

    My Veiled Chemeleons Cage

    I love my chameleon I spend 5 hours just cleaning her cage and ive had her for 3 years just want to know what yall think of her cage thank you
  12. Half The Room

    Half The Room

    2 ambanja females and 1female 1 male falys all under 6 months ambanja male bottom
  13. Img 00000053

    Img 00000053

  14. Caloo's Home

    Caloo's Home

    I customized This enclosure from 2 Rigid Screen Enclosures similar to a reptibreeze
  15. Large Cages

    Large Cages

    I use large sized cages for extra large males or groups of females.
  16. Row of Cages

    Row of Cages

    I like to put cages in a row with two 48 inch hood fixtures over them. Each fixture holds a 10.0 Reptisun tube light and various heat/basking bulbs. I like the streamlined look.
  17. Side by Side Cages

    Side by Side Cages

    Close up of caging which shows how I use potted plants to make the cages look more attractive.
  18. Cages in my Office

    Cages in my Office

    Additional cages in my home office.
  19. Cages by my Desk

    Cages by my Desk

    Cages closest to my desk. I like being able to see chameleons while I am sitting at my computer.
  20. Home Made Cage

    Home Made Cage

    cham friendly
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