Baby Caging for Raising the Best Chameleon Babies Possible

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Chameleons: 0 to 4 Months
The Dragon Strand Nursery Cage System was designed specifically for your baby chameleon’s first months of life. Responsible breeders will keep baby chameleons until they are well started and big enough to truly be ready to go to a new home. The Nursery Cage System allows you to raise each baby up without worrying about bullying or slower growth due to competition. With a room of its own, each baby grows to its full potential! You no longer have to worry about selling your chameleons at exactly three months for fear they will damage each other being territorial. Give yourself the time to make the right sale instead of the quick sale.

Chameleons: 4 to 7 months
The Dragon Strand Compact Cage System is the Nursery Cage’s 24" high big brother for breeders who want to holdback and evaluate a small number of chameleons for inclusion in the breeding colony. The Compact Cage System gives you four cages across under a 48” fluorescent fixture. The Compact Cage size will grow your chameleon up to the point where it starts to show color or horns. The Compact Cage System comes in a set of two with a Drainage Tray.


The first 6 months of your chameleon’s life are critical. Whether you are selling your chameleon babies or holding them back, give them the best start possible!

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