1. DeremensisBlue

    Universal Drainage Trays

    At Dragon Strand we are now launching our line of Universal Heavy-duty Drainage Trays. These are drainage trays that have extra support along the bottom to give the floor of your cage strength to hold larger potted plants or other interior decoration. The line consists of two trays, a...
  2. DeremensisBlue

    Dragon Strand:100% Rust Free Cages

    Dragon Strand cages are now completely rust-proof. In my quest to offer the highest quality caging I have finally sourced every component that goes into Dragon Strand cages to be aluminum, plastic, or stainless steel. While companies will brag of the components that are aluminum or stainless...
  3. millerman6401

    Craigslist find!

    I was just browsing craigslist the other day and came across this guy! I didnt think i was going to get much more than the cham but boy was i wrong.[/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Now i was hoping to order a mistking to put in this enclosure but the bottom is just solid wood...
  4. ferretinmyshoes

    Drainage Systems for Cages - get creative!

    There are so many creative ways to create drainage systems for indoor cages to keep up with mistings and drippers. Post pictures and descriptions of what works for you here to share ideas!
  5. JohnDoe

    New Cage

    This is the new cage we have been building for our lil girl eva. It definitely has been a work in progress, and still more to do. Here are some pictures we are still going to add grapevines and another ficus and maybe some more stuff not sure. Let me know what you think and what else to add
  6. B

    Good Designs For a drainage system?

    Hello, I need designs for a drainage system that isnt expensive and does take up too much space for both a light 16"X16"X22" screen cage and a wooden screen cage thats about 30 lbs, and is 2 feetX2feetX6Feet tall. Thanks :D
  7. Yemen08

    Reptibreeze Drainage

    I have a work in progress design for a drainage system for a XL reptibreeze, would love to have a LLL cage but shipping is astronomical! Any comments, ideas or improvements would be most appreciated. Thank you Gaz
  8. Stanly

    traveling cham room

    I work about 90% of the year out of state, so far I've just been renting but I've decided to star pulling a rv. Here's my future cham room, it's a 7' x 7 1/2 ' room. I've just started working on it, I've removed the bed and put a shower base (which will drain out a utility door va pvc and flex...
  9. summoner12

    LLL Drain Pan Drainage.

    So people are starting to get the new LLL Reptile drain pans and wondering; 'how do I drain the water?!' The cool part about these pans is that they are made of PVC. This allows you to use PVC glue with a PVC fitting and bond the two pieces together. This will make a water tight seal, just...
  10. serenitystarlite

    my drainage idea

    I just finished the bottom of Kami's cage. I was having issues getting cutting plexi-glass and ended up just cracking it, so I returned it. Instead, I installed a drawer: I went to Walmart and bought this: I took the top off and discovered that the drawer was half an inch too high to...
  11. summoner12

    Drainage collection and removal.

    I have been working on a way to solve my drainage issues. I hate shufling buckets around and spilling and forgetting... and having overflows.... and it can be a mess. :mad: So I came up with a few ideas and have been working on this for a while. I started out wanting to have the water go into...
  12. YoshiTheVeiled

    Help with water collection please.

    Just looking for some ideas for drainage or water collection. I have a 4x3x2 cage. The top front and sides are screen back and floor are solid. I have a schleffera that is sitting on on top of a few old weights(temporary until I can get this drainage situation figured out). I'd like to set my...
  13. SoCaliSon


    Okay well at about 4 months now I thought I would post another update as requested. I weighed this guy last night for the first time in a couple weeks and I was stunned 66grams!. For those who don't know he is one of the Beautiful Veileds Juli hatched this year, and I still couldn't be...
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