Good Designs For a drainage system?

Hello, I need designs for a drainage system that isnt expensive and does take up too much space for both a light 16"X16"X22" screen cage and a wooden screen cage thats about 30 lbs, and is 2 feetX2feetX6Feet tall. Thanks :D
i personally have a pan with some soil in it that streches the length of the cage i prompted it so it would be sloped then i have a tube that runs into a tub under the cage. very simple. bring a mini mesuring tape to the dollar store and mesure out one close enough if tuppleware and boom!! cut it a bit


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I drilled 4 little holes in my cage (I've an 18x18x36). It really depends how your plants are placed but basically I drilled two holes under my plants (my plants sit in those plastic cups fit to them) and two holes in the middle of the cage where most of my water accumulated.

Lift the cage up a few inches (you can put some wood blocks underneath your cage at each corner) and just put a pan underneath your cages to catch the water. It's really simple just doesn't sound like it!
Here's my drainage... drilled small holes on the floor and placed on top of shelving unit with rubbermaid container underneath. The shelving unit was $30 at Kmart.

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i dont have a cage yet, but i will be building one. my idea is to have a screen bottom topped with turf carpet and have a catch pan underneath, tada! for a potted plant, just set on the turf without a saucer, the water will drain right into the catch pan..
I have never heard of a drainage system before. And I have done a lot odd research, obviously not enough. Is this something u have to have? I can't imagine putting a hole on the bottom of the cage and lifting it omitted its side every day and tipping it out, or putting the cage on the side. I assume the newspaper paper will get soaked every day and get soaked and cleaned out everyday? I just have heard if such a thing.
I have a totally screen cage. I made essentially a stand with no top slightly bigger than my cage all the way around. Took some plastic from lowes or Home Depot .6 mil I think. Stapled the plastic on the top of the stand with excess hanging in the middle. Then cut a hole in the plastic mounted a shower drain with 2 inch outlet in hole which will pull all the water to the center to drain into a 5 gallon bucket underneath. Across the top of that I ran 5-6 PVC pieces across. So now I can sit my cage onto that. I have support for my plants and great drainage. Also room for my 5 gal. bucket for my mist king. I used the plastic window treatment stuff you can get a any home goods store ( Home Depot lowes wal-mart) double sided tape around three side of each side of the cage put plastic over that and tighten like shrink wrap with a hair dryer. Leave the bottom untaped for ventilation. So wish I could post pics from my iPhone.


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Thanks for both Supergirl and Garrett. I found all of your solutions aesthetically pleasing, functional and minimal mess. I just bought me a shelving unit just like Supergirls and my outdoor set up is now complete. For my indoor set up, I am going to implement Garrett's idea with the sink. Perfect for smaller space. Just brilliant! Thanks guys.
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