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  1. C

    minimum cage space for T. Jacksons?

    Fell in love with chams and so far my male veiled is doing fantastic and my feeder insects are breeding great. Looking to get a juvi male Jacksons. Going with reptibreeze. (My male is in the XL) What size would be appropriate? I heard they don't need AS much room as a adult veiled. Also...
  2. C

    Got my Cham! ReptiB. XL setup photos

    I'm SOOOO Excited! I finally got the cham I was looking for! Went to the reptile show and saw lots of baby chams (most which I was unfamiliar with) they did have some panthers, nosey be females, and a jackson but I found the Jewel! Perched on the display rack of supplies was a big and handsome...
  3. DeremensisBlue

    New Product: Dragon Ledges. Branching and Live Hanging Plants in a Screen Cage

    Branching and Live Hanging Plants in a Screen Cage The Problem. For over 30 years I have been trying different ways of setting up a chameleon cage. The biggest problem with a screen cage is the difficulty in placing horizontal branches and live plants. Quite simply, anytime any weight is...
  4. DeremensisBlue

    Dragon Strand Naturalistic Vivaria at San Diego Show

    Dragon Strand will be at the San Diego Reptile Super Show next weekend. If you are at the show stop by, ask for Bill and introduce yourself! Come see in person what can be done with the Breeder Series caging. The solid walls and structural branch holders, invented by Dragon Strand, give you...
  5. ChamyLove


    I am trying to find some sort of stand to put my chameleon cage on. Right now Oliver is just in a 18x18x36 inch cage, but I will be upgrading him to his big boy cage (24x24x48) in a few months. I'm having trouble finding anything that would be able to hold a cage, with a depth over 13". So I...
  6. JohnDoe

    New Cage

    This is the new cage we have been building for our lil girl eva. It definitely has been a work in progress, and still more to do. Here are some pictures we are still going to add grapevines and another ficus and maybe some more stuff not sure. Let me know what you think and what else to add
  7. Zajlol

    look what i made

    hey look what i made for my cham tell me what u think.
  8. summoner12

    Pics of new cage for Caddie.

    I purchased a couple of used cages from Jadeaudio. They came in on thursday and so today I set one of them up for Caddie. She has been in need of a proper screen cage. The cage is 18x24x30, perfect for a small female. The plants I have are gonna need to grow a bit to fill the cage up. Since...
  9. JoshCrane1

    Cage Setups Tweeked and Herpmist Added.

    Hey you all, Just finished tweeking a few things in Turk and Kamilas' cages, including drip vines, bamboo divider,and new plants. also installed the herpmist big enchilada system and i love it so far. little Turk ran over to it when i first started it up, he loves it even though the water is...
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