Pics of new cage for Caddie.

I purchased a couple of used cages from Jadeaudio. They came in on thursday and so today I set one of them up for Caddie. She has been in need of a proper screen cage.

The cage is 18x24x30, perfect for a small female. The plants I have are gonna need to grow a bit to fill the cage up. Since she is in the cham room there isn't much traffic and she is used to a 'not so full' cage. So there shouldn't be much of a stress factor here.

Sice the plants need to grow I thought I would use a CFL to provide extra light as a 'grow light'. After I had things set up I got out my meter to check her basking spot UVB..... as I moved the meter around the cage I noticed a hot spot of UVB........ and it wasn't coming from the UVB lamp! :eek::confused::eek: The CFL that is for normal household lighting puts out levels of UVB near 90μW/cm² at close range. In the cage it is pretty mild, not much higher than 15μW/cm² at about 2-3" and it drops off pretty fast to 3μW/cm² at 7". This is a bit shocking to me and I am going to keep a close eye on her. I have no way of knowing if this light puts out UVC, which I am assuming it might do.... so I will keep an eye on her eyes.

Here is the final setup...

Got the Mist King nozzle going. ;)

She was shy at first and looking around like WTF?!

So I put in some silk worms.... she warmed up and started to move around the cage. Right now she is doing her inspection... slowly walking around, its kind of funny to watch how suspicious she is of the new home.

This is her today... I opened her cage to feed her some worms... and I guess didn't zip the top part.... and my GF came into the room and noticed Caddie figured out the cage had an escape hole!

To anyone using reptariums and wondering why/how your cham got away.... it might have been the zipper not being shut all the way.... even though you might think your cham won't notice... they figure things out and make a run for it. :eek:
Looks really nice! When do I get to see your stuff in person?!
hmmm we might have a SBCK meeting at our complex....... if not I can have you guys over sometime if ya like. I just need to get some things settled like.... right now im gonna redo the free range lenny has and might move it into the cham room. So this weekend I am prolly moving my computer out of the room and setting up the free range. We will see though.... we really need to get the racks on wheels so I can move them around in order to clean the carpets..... I made quite a few spills and need to get the carpet cleaned... but can't since the racks don't move so easily. :eek::eek:

In other words? when we clean up a bit more :p

Edit: oh and sorry I meant to thank all of you guys for the comments. It was fun. I just hope those plants grow a bit.... she is used to a thin cage.... she doesn't seem to mind at all she never hides. Just wonders around and runs for the door when she sees me expecting some food... so she is pretty calm and I am not too worried.
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haha she had her head sticking out pretty far when we noticed her. But she kind retreated after she saw me scrambling for the camera. :D

I keep looking over at her and she seems pretty happy in her new place. still a bit cautious as she checks things out. I need to make a better barrier for her because I think Jake can see her... hes been showing off in that direction all morning and shes showing some gravid coloring at times....
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