Official Enclosure Picture Thread #2 - post your pics!


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Mine on wheels. Semi diy. screen is xl reptibreeze, bottom is a diy box with pvc lining and aluminum frame to seal the edges at the frame. Hole at bottom of the box as a drain. We use a soil based bottom, which is completely overgrown by pothos and Passion flower.

In winter his enclosure will be rolled towards the window without any disturbance or stress to him. In summer, when too hot, we roll him deeper into the house to avoid overheating.


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Har sorry for the late response this has been a hectic week, the cage is roughly 4ft wide 4ft deep and just under 8ft tall, for the feeders i used a cricket holder cut in half and zip tied to the front the sharp edges where smoothed out and siliconed to protect from cuts, I have the sun lights hanging from a bar I placed under the dome so when it is opened it stays in place and the little guys can't reach them, the basking light is placed outside but I remove it at night.


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Here is my setup. I'ts just a big umbrella plant in the middle with a bunch of exo terra vines and a lot of flukers pothos vines. The are a lot of exo terra vines in there that aren't visible in the pictures, so he has a lot of places to climb. The first one is with the lights off at night time and the second pic is during the day


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this are some pics when i renovated kiwi's cage for his 1year birthday .



Did you make the ladders on your own? What did you use to attache the steps to the frame/sides? the bamboo you purchased was malleable enough to curve, or did you have to soak it before you were able to curve it? Very very intricate setup, well done!!!


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An update on Loki's condo

Here is an update on Loki's condo. The live ferns I had in there weren't doing well, and now they are on my patio and doing amazing! That being said, all the plants are now fake, but I still think it looks pretty good :) I have tree fern panels and tree bark panels on the back to help with humidity and sealed grapewood for the big pieces of wood, and bendy branches and vines for climbing space. The big piece in the back is being hung from a pipe that I put on top of the cage in the back to spread the weight of it hanging and the front one is hung with coated garden wire so it won't tear the mesh. The back piece was making the cage lean foward a bit so we reinforced it by strapping it to the wall with drywall screws and zip ties and that seemed to do it. The light is an archadia and aquarium light for more brightness and two basking lights in the back. I have a mistking with two nozzles in the cage, one in the front right corner covered by a vine and a rain nozzle on top. I run a big dripper also during the day. There is a tray under the cage that catches the water and runs it into a bulkhead and tubing from the tray through a drilled hole in the stand to a bucket underneath which is also where the misting bucket is. I also have a semi-free range that is in the same room next to the cage that goes around my window for him to climb in and get exercise periodically. Hope you enjoy!

Loki's condo:

Still wants out constantly...

Semi-Free Range:



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Here's my setup for Charlie my 3mo old veiled.
He is on the porch for the summer, so no ubv or other lighting. He gets natural sunshine until 1pm, then the porch is in shade the rest of the day.


As you can see, Charlie lives in a big bird cage!

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Glass viv

Is this suitable for my panther, was recomended by reptile store but seems all mesh cages are better.


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Is this suitable for my panther, was recomended by reptile store but seems all mesh cages are better.
Unfortunately you were a little mislead Dave. However Exo Terra's have proven fine for panthers. Taking out the substrate is definitely ideal. Adding a live plant or two (pothos, ficus, schefflera, etc.) would be a nice healthy bonus (cover up the soil with large river rocks). Also I am not sure what the height of your Exo Terra is, but depending on the age you might want something taller. Chameleons really use the height. Kept this brief because I am sure other members will pitch in, but just in case I will include the link to the panther chameleon care sheet:

Dave Joel

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Thank you for the advice, I have had my cam for about a year and he seems ok but just feel I was doing something wrong, if I change my cage will all mesh be ok as I'm in the uk and can get cold in winter.
Thank you for the advice, I have had my cam for about a year and he seems ok but just feel I was doing something wrong, if I change my cage will all mesh be ok as I'm in the uk and can get cold in winter.
You should be fine with an all mesh cage. Adult panthers do well with a temperature drop at night so a general rule of thumb is 'Don't use a night-light.' Night time temps can drop down to the 50s (10C) and your panther will be fine, so long as the enclosure heats back up during the day. I am in canada and while it can be freezing outside, my house generally won't fall below 60F at night.


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If the temp is to low you can always use a ceramic heat emmiter as well.

Terrible advice. Make the proper adjustments to the entire habitat. Ceramic heaters are not a benefit to chameleons They are a band aid for not knowing what you are doing. And, not a very good one at that.

Use better lighting or a better style enclosure for your specific needs.

Also, why are you asking about chameleon care in a picture thread?



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Here is my new terrarium for my baby panther - he should be arriving soon:):) does it look alright?


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Veiled Cages

Here are the cages for my three veileds. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of ficus trees that I ordered last week. Currently everything in their cages is artificial, but I'm looking to get into more live stuff.


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