1. MeruJack

    Poop or Oreo Cookies?

    Okay experienced feeder breeders, I just received a shipment of 200 large silkworms. There are eight containers with 25 silkworms in each one. In each container there is a lot of brown stuff that looks like Oreo cookie crumbs. Please don't tell me that those cookie crumbs are actually silkworm...
  2. C

    Outdoor Greenhouse

    I'm thinking about building a greenhouse outside for some of my chameleons. I wanted to know people's general opinions. Any thoughts on what I should look out for? Any advice? Greenhouse would be in Los Angeles.
  3. ferretinmyshoes

    Official Enclosure Picture Thread #2 - post your pics!

    This is a continuation to the very popular (and long) thread highlighting example chameleon cages. As to caging styles, decor, and species there are no guidelines! Of course GOC's, free ranges, and greenhouse types of caging are welcome too! Other owners will appreciate your contribution as they...
  4. ferretinmyshoes

    Pygmy habitats

    I have a handful of pygmy vivs now that I have babies coming out my ears! Just thought I'd post a few pics for anyone looking for inspiration. :) The original viv that houses the parents: The little viv for Meena, my only girl baby: Littler viv for my brother's baby boy: And...
  5. summoner12

    Pics of new cage for Caddie.

    I purchased a couple of used cages from Jadeaudio. They came in on thursday and so today I set one of them up for Caddie. She has been in need of a proper screen cage. The cage is 18x24x30, perfect for a small female. The plants I have are gonna need to grow a bit to fill the cage up. Since...
  6. DJnSoCal

    Our Habitats - A Pictorial Overview

    Since bbqandtinyb and I have received a lot of questions and comments about our habitats, we wanted show everyone how we constructed them. If we would have known we would be THIS into chameleons, we could have constructed these all at once and saved some money and supplies. As it stands, we...
  7. Ideal Jacksons Setup

    Ideal Jacksons Setup

    Reptifoggor, little dropper, uvb light, night/daytime heat light, 18-18-36 screen terrarium. 85 basking temp 65-70 cool temp
  8. Mr. Green In His New Habitat

    Mr. Green In His New Habitat

  9. Homemade


    This is my homemade setup for my little brothers panther cham purchased from azgnoinc on this forum.
  10. Emillio's House

    Emillio's House

    It's a work in progress he's happy so far he very big for his age
  11. $1100 Setup

    $1100 Setup

    So far. Getting more flowers and a few more plants around the top soon. Monsoon rs400, repti fogger dropper and large fountain
  12. His Starter Setup

    His Starter Setup

    I got a med Size Exo-terra. I hooked the cage up with all sorts of climing branches and leaves for security.This should do untill he gets bigger
  13. Colors Home

    Colors Home

  14. Camo's Home

    Camo's Home

    this is my setup for my little buddy. again a first for me but i think it looks like a nice place for a chameleon to chill
  15. Phase One Of The Cham Rooms

    Phase One Of The Cham Rooms

    This is phase one. Phase two comes this winter!
  16. My OLD Setup

    My OLD Setup

    This is the setup I had when Manny was little. He now has a cage that is 2 X 2 X 4
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