Official Enclosure Picture Thread #2 - post your pics!


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This is a continuation to the very popular (and long) thread highlighting example chameleon cages. As to caging styles, decor, and species there are no guidelines! Of course GOC's, free ranges, and greenhouse types of caging are welcome too! Other owners will appreciate your contribution as they try to decide how to decorate or build their cages! :)
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ImageUploadedByTapatalk1350419130.230515.jpg Heres my cage for Otto a 11 month amilobe. Cage is 24x24x48 with a hibiscus, pothos, type of dracaena in back, and a recently purchased passion flower on the bottom right. Up top i have a 60w house bulb, reptiglow 5.0 uvb, and a led light for some brightness. Planning on switching to the arcadia set up for his birthday present
Ok, here is the "beast". It is 10 FEET tall and houses 3 adults!:eek:

If you look closely, you'll see I have to go onto the landing to get to Bonsai's cage. It is actually a 6ft cage and a 3 foot cage together, and I added height to it for space for the lighting/drainage. They all have individual drainage that does not allow contamination to the enclosure under it. The lights don't get wet and the chameleons have a barrier between them and the lights. They all drain to a tub at the very bottom which has a pump in it that I plug in and pump directly out the window behind it.

The wire cages are great for their grip, and it is not damaging to their nails like screen. They are all cup fed, obviously, since feeders could escape. Soon, the pothos will fill in much of the wire so it'll look more natural.

I am ready for the......critiques;). It is unconventional, I know. I just can't stand all the random cages in my house, and I have the height in the room so I thought I'd capitalize on it.


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Chamalot Chameleons
my Favorite cage can be seen here:

It is much more overgrown now..

I use it for my growing babies once they get 4 months or so.

When I don't have any babies the adults take turn enjoying the outdoors and lots of room. Sometimes I will put a breeding pair in there for a honeymoon session :)

Unfortunately We will have to be tearing it down soon because the deck needs to be rebuilt.
Here's my current setup. For drainage I made 2 1/4" holes on the 2 back corners of lllreptile drainage trays and connected 2 pieces of mistking tubing to the holes, then they connect at a Y fitting and one piece of tubing run to a bucket. I looks clean, and I'll post some pics of it tomorrow during the day.


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I have a male baby Veiled that is about 2 months old. He is housed in a Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Open Air Black Aluminum Screen Cage; Small - (16"L x 16"W x 20"H)... I have a 18" 15 watt Reptisun 5.0 UVB and a 60 watt Zoo Med Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb positioned on top of the cage. I also have a Little Dripper that is not pictured. I have a live Ficus and Umbrella plant(Umbrella plant was purchased and placed inside of the habitat after these pics were taken), a small reptile vine and some fake vining plants wrapped around the reptile vine. The vine is placed around the enclosure from 8" from the basking spot, through the Ficus plant in the middle, to the bottom. I also have 4 wooden rods that I purchased from a craft store positioned in the same fashion that are fastened in place with wooden tacks that are outside of the enclosure. I removed the PVC bottom from the Reptibreeze and just put a terrarium screen under the enclosure in order to have better drainage. It sits on top of a lavatory. The lavatory combo (includes the sink) was pretty cheap. It was $45 at home depot. It looks nice and neat and works really well. I can also store things inside of the cabinet. The water drips right through the terrarium screen, into the sink and drains into the bucket inside of the cabinet below. I took these pictures after sundown. I clicked on the heat bulb briefly in order to have better lighting for the pictures. I turn on the UVB and heat bulb at 7 a.m. and turn them off at around 7 p.m. I just wanted to clarify why the heat bulb was on without the UVB in the pics below. :)









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Carpet Cham enclosure

I'm completely new at this, but I'll play. The enclosure is an Exo Terra 18x18x24.


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It's more of the left over decor before the cham took over that side of the room....but with a few vines and a just might become a free range!:p

I told you I needed your skills!!!!!!!!
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