1. The Bearded Derek

    Is this setup good enough?

    Just yesterday I finished making a new setup for my Veiled chameleon and so far I think it came it rather decent. His floor is repti-carpet (Those pebbles are there to push down the carpet, since it isn't completely flat, some crickets might be able to go under it, so I need to fix that. Should...
  2. S

    I'M GETTING A PANTHER!!! (and stuff)

    So now that my veiled(Zant)has been alive for a year my AMAZING fiancee has made good on his deal and is getting me a panther! We have a descent sized zip up enclosure from our local pet shop (where we are also getting the young panther{currently on layaway while we get the setup ready})...
  3. johncjb

    What else do I need?

    Hey everyone, I'm getting a Carpet Cham and I would like to know what else I should have in my cage. What I have so far: 24" 24" 48" Screen Cage ReptiFogger (This may also function as a dripper) 75 watt Basking Lamp 18" UVB exo terra Fluorescent Lamp 50 watt Night Heat Lamp...
  4. OptimusCham

    Critique my setup!

    As the title suggests, I'm after your opinions, thoughts and general feedback on the setup I have for my 7/8 month old male Panther. Is there anything you can see that I should remove or add? Anything you can see I can improve? Anything you'd like to know more details about? Just let me know...
  5. OptimusCham

    Optimus' big new home! - Build Thread

    Okay so the title pretty much sums up this thread really. Optimus is my 6.5 month old Ambilobe Panther & it won't be long until he will need to upgrade from his current 2' x 2' x 3' home. I'm only in the planning stages of the new viv, taking measurements, drawing up designs and the like...
  6. B

    Urgent UV lighting query?

    I have a query on lighting for my little mans cage set up He is a 5 month old veiled chameleon and he is in a viv exotic 35x22x18 inch with a custom mesh top for ventilation. Gaps between the mesh holes are about 3mm I have just replaced his lighting Originaly he had an exo terra light box...
  7. ReptiGeek

    1 more day! All ready!

    Well, tomorrow my little baby chameleon is coming home for the very first time! This is so very exciting. I've set up his enclosure and got everything up and running. Attached are some photos of my new guys' enclosure setup, oh and one of Gizmo's of course ;) As for the chameleon species, well...
  8. ReptiGeek

    My Exo Terra & A few tips!

    Just wanted to show everyone how my veiled chameleon's adult enclosure's setup is coming along. The terrarium is an Exo Terra extra tall and the lighting used is a dual top fluorescent fixture with 35W halogen's and a 10.0 UVB tube (I find Exo Terra's have thicker screen tops so I went with the...
  9. trevev

    help with hatchling panther setup

    Hi, guys. I need help with my hatchling panther chameleon set up. My basking temperature is about 84. I do have reptisun 5.0 florescent lights, but I took them off for a better shot of the cage. I am feeding them fruitflies and pinhead crickets. The feeders keep falling to the bottom of the...
  10. SamW

    Constant Peeling / Escape

    Hey all, So lately my almost 2 year old veiled male has constantly had some peeled skin (specifically around his 'yellow stripes') and it will not go away. I understand that shedding is a determinant of health quality (in relation to diet, lighting, hydration, etc.), but I believe that he has...
  11. ferretinmyshoes

    Official Enclosure Picture Thread #2 - post your pics!

    This is a continuation to the very popular (and long) thread highlighting example chameleon cages. As to caging styles, decor, and species there are no guidelines! Of course GOC's, free ranges, and greenhouse types of caging are welcome too! Other owners will appreciate your contribution as they...
  12. golf33

    Part time cage have to be full size?

    Hello, I live in Southern California and I have a 3 month old male veiled currently in a 20"x18"x18" and he is getting ready to move up in cage size. I have an awesome 6'x3'x3' outdoor setup for him as well. After he is about a year old, I plan to move him permanently outdoors. However, I will...
  13. stapleton33

    The Chameleon Ikeararium

    I was helping my wife find a new dining table at Ikea the other day when i started noticing that they pretty much had everything you'd need to put together a pretty sweet cham enclosure, so i made this. enjoy!
  14. Amberlynscott

    Most AMAZING enlosures!

    These are some of the most amazing enclosures I've ever seen!!
  15. summoner12

    Pics of new cage for Caddie.

    I purchased a couple of used cages from Jadeaudio. They came in on thursday and so today I set one of them up for Caddie. She has been in need of a proper screen cage. The cage is 18x24x30, perfect for a small female. The plants I have are gonna need to grow a bit to fill the cage up. Since...
  16. Cage Setup

    Cage Setup

  17. Jade's Setup

    Jade's Setup

    This is our Chameleons setup
  18. Current Enclosure

    Current Enclosure

    This is the enclosure that my husband and I put together. Soon, however, I am looking at custom building a more permanent enclosure. Looking forward to it...been browsing all your beauties! :P
  19. My Baby Girls Setup

    My Baby Girls Setup

  20. Sam's Home

    Sam's Home

    My first set-up for Sam, still a work in progress.
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