Urgent UV lighting query?


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I have a query on lighting for my little mans cage set up
He is a 5 month old veiled chameleon and he is in a viv exotic 35x22x18 inch with a custom mesh top for ventilation. Gaps between the mesh holes are about 3mm
I have just replaced his lighting
Originaly he had an exo terra light box with 1x exo terra repti glo 5.0 compact light 26w
And 1x exo terra repti glo 2.0 compact 26w for visable light

Having heard the negative wrap for compact bulbs and my little one squinting and closing his eyes I replaced the hole set up as i thought it may be irritating his eyes. so i replaced it with an exo terra double strip light box 45x20x9cm which houses 2x 14w repti glo 5.0 the bulbs are 38cm long

Will two of these bulbs be enough uv for the size vivarium I have they fit horizontally across the top and cover it all bar an inch in each corner or is it TO MUCH uv for him.
My main query is because since replacing it is a lot darker in his viv due to the lower wattage strip lights and was a tad confused as to if there is enough or two much uv now with the two bulbs.

many thanks from me and Mr Yemeni Cricket in advance



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That uv is fine and will not be too much. Providing two 5.0 bulbs will just give 5.0 over a larger area not 10.0. You could replace one uv tube with a daylight plant bulb that will be a lot brighter.
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