1. S

    Exo terra compact top for heat?

    Hey guys I recently bought an exo terra medium compact top for Simons bigger home. I already have a separate uvb strip light for him and I was planning on using this one for heat/basking only but it says you cannot use over 25watts with it. do you guys think putting 3 25 watt bulbs will get the...
  2. Chameleonpainter

    Light your reptiles!

    I'm sure most of you guys already know but is the place for lighting!i just got a 48in fixture with arcadia bulbs to run over two enclosures and now my guys finally have GOOD consistent lighting.If you haven't please check them out
  3. jcarlsen

    LED lighting…?

    Hey All, I've been researching for the panther chameleon I'm hoping to get in the next two months, and I've seen a LOT of discussion about lighting. The one thing I've seen very little about is LED lighting as a source of UVB. The most I've seen is a post from a few years ago about UVB...
  4. dacrazycanadian

    Is coating on heat bulbs necessary?

    Hey everyone I was searching around, and there are plenty of other lighting threads but I didn't want to bring one back from the grave to ask this. Basically I now use the zoo med blue day light 60w bulbs and I know a lot of people use their normal house bulbs (incandescent bulb). My...
  5. C

    Light Bulb Types

    So I finally decided I'm getting a chameleon (yay! :) ) and I have started setting up the enclosure (will post pics when finished) but I have a couple questions about lighting. First of all, there seems to be some conflict about how long the uvb bulbs (I'm using a reptisun 5.0 T5 HO) actually...
  6. B

    Aquarium Tropical daylight bulb okay?

    Is this light going to be okay to put in my exo terra double 17 inch canopy with one reptile glo 5.0 for a 36x22x18 viv for a veiled Cham I really just need a bit of extra light in the viv as it is quite dark and I can't get hold of the exo terra reptile glo 2.0 locally. I checked the...
  7. B

    Urgent UV lighting query?

    I have a query on lighting for my little mans cage set up He is a 5 month old veiled chameleon and he is in a viv exotic 35x22x18 inch with a custom mesh top for ventilation. Gaps between the mesh holes are about 3mm I have just replaced his lighting Originaly he had an exo terra light box...
  8. Swordfish9921

    New Panther and their cages

    I am pretty much finally done setting up my 2 cages with the help from Todd from lightyourreptiles as I just got another 4 month old nosey be from are some pics attached
  9. ReptiGeek

    What do you use? UVA+UVB

    Hey guys, just wandering what everyone uses in conjunction with their UVB light set-up? I believe the Exo Terra linear tubes (for UVB output) has a 6700K rating, so what regular UV light (and rating) should I use with it to stimulate a more natural "sun" look?
  10. Echoezra

    Other lights (ex plant lights) and eye safety?

    So I guess I don't have a single specifically worded question on the subject, I just wanted to instigate a discussion so you more technical people could assure me about the safety of using other bulbs to help the plants grow better and why it's necessary. My concern is that we see written so...
  11. F

    Jackson stuff

    I'm a little confused on all of the stuff I need for a proper enclosure for a male jacksons, here's my checklist: 1. 36x24x24 2 Little dripper 3. Some kind of humidifier (could really use an exact name.) 4. Calcium 5. a UVA or UVB bulb( could use some help on that too) 6...
  12. summoner12

    DIYCages Ballast change

    I recently purchased a dual 24" T8 light fixture from The fixture is great. You can turn off either side lamp with two selector switches or you can turn both lamps off at once with a switch on the power cord. This fixture is a standard fixture, meaning, it won't dim the lamps. I am...
  13. summoner12

    Zoo Med and the 6500K lamp?

    Looks like they caught up! Zoo Med now offers a 'grow' light in the T8 form factor. It seems the lamps come in all the sizes the other UVB lamps come in. I think the name is NatureSun. :confused: I saw these at LLL today. The lamp isn't even on the LLL website yet... So even a friendly...
  14. summoner12

    Repti-Sun CFL: Old vs. New

    At the last SBCK meeting (09-27-09, held at Elisa's house) Dave weldon presented a lecture on UV lighting. One of the topics was about the damaging UVC and high levels of UVB that is put out by a CFL. We also talk about determining the old phosphor mixture from the new. The phosphor is what...
  15. summoner12

    DIY T12 to T8 Ballast Change.

    For those of you with T12 fixtures and are finding it hard to locate T12 Zoo Med or Exo Terra UVB lamps..... This post is for you. The economics of buying a new T8 fixture from Lowe's for $13 vs. buying a T8 Ballast at Home Depot for about $20 is kind of simple. Why take the time to convert a...
  16. summoner12

    Zoo Med Dropping T12 UVB Lamps.

    To make things simple I have copied the post I made for the UV meter owners club to this thread: Two weeks ago I purchased a pair of Zoo Med Reptisun 48" T12 10.0 UVB lamps. Using Dave Weldon's 6.2 Solarmeter, I took readings on the lamps to get an idea of what a new lamp's output would be. I...
  17. summoner12

    Henry's Free Range.

    I have two adult Melleri that I free range. They do not live together. Today I worked on Henry's free range. I acquired Henry from a member on the forum who was moving and could not take him with. Henry has been living free range style in the living room as a temporary home. Today I was able to...
  18. summoner12

    48" Tube Fixtures, Cheap!

    I was at Home Depot tonight. I was going to buy my normal 19 dollar dual 48" fixture.... I wandered down to the 'shop light' display to tell my GF about a shoplight Dave Weldon had told me about. The fixture he and I had talked about was the diamond plated shop light. He had told me the output...
  19. summoner12

    Grow lights?

    Does anyone have the low down on "grow" lights? Tubes you see at Home Depot for indoor plants. I don't want this for my chams.... I want it for the cham's plants. Do you use them? Do they work? Do you feel they are worth it? What do you use it along side of? (i.e. 5.0, 10.0 ZooMed, Exo...
  20. simple0936

    R-Zilla Halogen / Fluorescent Combo Dome Lamp

    I just got a new flap neck cham from a local rep store. I also bought all my set-up items there too (with the exception of the live plants). I’m happy to report all is well, and my little guy is adapting nicely to his new home. However, I was sold R-Zilla Halogen / Fluorescent Combo Dome Lamp...
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