1. junglefries

    favorite heat lamps

    I am thinking of switching my basking light fixtures [25w small oven/fridge incandescent bulbs with mini clamp lamps] to the 25w mini halogen fixtures. So far, I have only seen the Zilla fixtures for sale. Was wondering, if there were some other brands, pet supply or other, that anyone was aware...
  2. KatiLemons

    48 inch ballast question?? Need some input.

    I am wondering how many 2x2x4 cages will fit under a ballast that is hanging about 6+ inches from the tops. Obviously two but the higher I chain them up the more cages I could fit right? I would think that I could do 3 (at the most) but wanted to ask input to see what others have done? Thanks in...
  3. NosyBe15

    MistKing and Light Schedule

    Hey Everyone. Recently I got a MistKing System for my 2 Chams. 10mo Male NosyBe. 5mo Old Female NosyBe. The male is in his 2x2x4, and the female her 18x18x36. In the male setup I have 2 misters, female has 1. My lights turn on at 7am. and turn off at 730pm. (automated) My MistKing...
  4. B

    Urgent UV lighting query?

    I have a query on lighting for my little mans cage set up He is a 5 month old veiled chameleon and he is in a viv exotic 35x22x18 inch with a custom mesh top for ventilation. Gaps between the mesh holes are about 3mm I have just replaced his lighting Originaly he had an exo terra light box...
  5. SamW

    Optimal Setup?

    What size and type of lights would be optimal for a teenage male veiled cham? He lives in a screened 48"H x 24"W x 24"D. He's been having some skin/shedding issues around his yellow stripes and has also shown some signs of a URI (I'm getting this treated soon, anyone have any estimates on...
  6. SamW

    Constant Peeling / Escape

    Hey all, So lately my almost 2 year old veiled male has constantly had some peeled skin (specifically around his 'yellow stripes') and it will not go away. I understand that shedding is a determinant of health quality (in relation to diet, lighting, hydration, etc.), but I believe that he has...
  7. Z

    lights for a Bearded dragon

    i probably could have asked this up in the other section but the light are for a dragon and i love following some rules lol. so i recently decided that my dragon needs some more UV lights for his tank. He only had a small bulb that was on the hot side of his tank. I went out today and bought...
  8. Jay Sick

    Arcadia Lights are the Bomb

    Four days later of swapping all my lights for the Arcadia Bulbs. My chams are singing me praises and having late night disco parties. Their colors look like they have went through a photo shop session they have a major appetite increase. There overall activity level is amazing now. Mercury phase...
  9. summoner12

    DIYCages Ballast change

    I recently purchased a dual 24" T8 light fixture from The fixture is great. You can turn off either side lamp with two selector switches or you can turn both lamps off at once with a switch on the power cord. This fixture is a standard fixture, meaning, it won't dim the lamps. I am...
  10. VerteX

    Christmas Lights in Polka Dots

    Enjoy. Have a great new year!
  11. summoner12

    Repti-Sun CFL: Old vs. New

    At the last SBCK meeting (09-27-09, held at Elisa's house) Dave weldon presented a lecture on UV lighting. One of the topics was about the damaging UVC and high levels of UVB that is put out by a CFL. We also talk about determining the old phosphor mixture from the new. The phosphor is what...
  12. I

    Couple of Questions

    I want to get a pygmy chameleon and have been looking up information. I will most likely be getting a 10 gallon glass tank. My main question is the lighting for the 10 gallon. What kind of light fixture and uvb do i need? Also, what kind of bedding is used?
  13. Fireside Festivities

    Fireside Festivities

    Naboo poses for the camera in front of the fireplace and lights in spirit of the holidays.
  14. Happy Holidays From Gizmo!

    Happy Holidays From Gizmo!

    Gizmo my veiled chameleon wanted to get in on the christmas cheer!
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