MistKing and Light Schedule


Hey Everyone.

Recently I got a MistKing System for my 2 Chams. 10mo Male NosyBe. 5mo Old Female NosyBe. The male is in his 2x2x4, and the female her 18x18x36. In the male setup I have 2 misters, female has 1.

My lights turn on at 7am. and turn off at 730pm. (automated)

My MistKing Schedule is below.
8am. 5minute mist
noon. 5 minute mist
3pm. 2minute mist
6pm. 2 minute mist.

My apt usually stays pretty warm in the daytime. around 80, And I am gone most of the day working. Anyone have any suggestions/issues with my timing? I guess I am second guessing the 6pm mist due to the lights going off at 7:30. Obviously due to where the chams are when the timer goes off, decides on how wet they get. There are places in the cages they can go to stay dry.

I know the biggest concern is the cage needs to dry out between mistings, I have ordered some better methods of drainage that should be here by next week. This weekend will allow me to see if the cage is completely dry before the next mist goes off.


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Watch drainage in tray. If pooling and never dries out, cut back some. I do 1 1/2 min 4 times a day, but live in very humid climate.
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