1. NosyBe15

    MistKing and Light Schedule

    Hey Everyone. Recently I got a MistKing System for my 2 Chams. 10mo Male NosyBe. 5mo Old Female NosyBe. The male is in his 2x2x4, and the female her 18x18x36. In the male setup I have 2 misters, female has 1. My lights turn on at 7am. and turn off at 730pm. (automated) My MistKing...
  2. Zajlol

    Aquazamp timer how to work?

    Does anyone Kno how to set the timer for the Aquazamp idk how to please help
  3. summoner12

    Mist King Button

    At the San Diego Reptile Super Show I met Marty from Mist King for the first time. I have purchased from him and talked with him on the phone and through email many times. It was great to meet him in person and shake his hand. While hanging out at his booth talking I started to play with the...
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