1. Ta2Smitty

    US Mistaking system (sold)

    I have one starter mistking system(newest version with 3 extra T nozzles (mist up to four enclosures and a pair of corner mounts. Only ran it for 6months. I’m asking $100 plus shipping (basically,1/2 price for the system and extra 3 nozzles)
  2. johncjb

    Is it ok to have the mistking pump upside down?

    So basically I've heard that water pumps should be "fed" the water, rather than have it pull up the water it needs every time it turns on. However, since the input is at the top of the pump I was wondering if I could turn it upside down (to make the water input lower). Would this potentially...
  3. martyllian

    Any tips for Installing Mistking +decorations in a 260gallon apogee reptarium?

    Hi all, We recently adopted a Melleri Chameleon. We were having a custom cage built, but the builder (a relative) had an accident and wont be able to finish it until around March. I want to get a 260 gallon Apogee Reptarium and place it on its side so it will be six foot long and about 2.6...
  4. Galaxy

    Because I'm short: Mister to dripper connection?

    So, I was wondering if anyone has attempted this before, attaching part of a mistking system to a Big Dripper so one doesn't have to constantly refill it? With the new cage on the table we're currently using, I'm going to have to get a step ladder or something since there's no way I'll be able...
  5. johncjb

    MistKing vs AquaZamp

    I have heard quite a few good things about both (compared to Zoo Med or Exo Terra) but I would like some feedback on which is better. As far as I can tell, MistKing doesn't come with a reservoir whereas Aquazamp does. Has anyone had any bad experiences with either? Also, what is the...
  6. JohnDoe

    Mistking Wait

    Well it took a while, but now Eva loves her mist king and she literally stands right in front of it either gaping, or with her face right in it. Here is a video after she got misted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kskrV0F8E0&feature=youtube_gdata_player For all that have scare chams...
  7. Yemen08

    My Mistking has died

    Hey all, My mistking has just completely stopped working. I have bypassed the timer to see if it was a timer issue but it still doesn't work. Hopefully it's still just within the warranty window :( Back to the spray bottle for now!!
  8. Yak

    MistKing on the way

    hi folks take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING NOW TIL SEPT 2!! I just ordered mine! Never been so happy about spending money !!! LOL Thanks for your order yak you just completed your payment. Your receipt number for this payment is: ****** We'll send a confirmation email to...
  9. NosyBe15

    MistKing and Light Schedule

    Hey Everyone. Recently I got a MistKing System for my 2 Chams. 10mo Male NosyBe. 5mo Old Female NosyBe. The male is in his 2x2x4, and the female her 18x18x36. In the male setup I have 2 misters, female has 1. My lights turn on at 7am. and turn off at 730pm. (automated) My MistKing...
  10. Nrupaw

    My First Cham Setup

    I finished building out my Cham enclosure this weekend. First time doing it. Took me quite of few weeks of braing storming, reading the forum posts, and getting items together. Its up and running now so I will keep an eye on things for a week or so and if everything looks good and no issues...
  11. Marty

    Now shipping with UPS

    We added UPS to the shippers. It's pretty much same cost as Postal Service, but soo much faster and with much better tracking! UPS Standard, which is the slowest and cheapest UPS service takes between 2-5 days to any place in the US and 1-2 days in Canada.
  12. Marty

    Mississauga Expo May 3/09

    Just an FYI, we will be vending at the Mississauga expo May 3rd Should have some type of a show special too !
  13. Marty

    ZipDrip Misting System

    I was making a video for the site, figured I'll post it here. Check out how cool the new systems perform when switched on/off the noise you hear is actually from cooling fans running in my frog room, pump is very quiet and is actually in the cabinet so you can't even hear it. The new...
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