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Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by JohnDoe, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. JohnDoe

    JohnDoe Member

    Well it took a while, but now Eva loves her mist king and she literally stands right in front of it either gaping, or with her face right in it. Here is a video after she got misted.


    For all that have scare chams with the mist king just give it sometime.
    Have a good sunday everyone
  2. SaintJimmy

    SaintJimmy Established Member

    Eva is so cute :) I love that panther I swear.

    I hope this is the case with Monty.

    We're working on the top-part of our cage stand (bottom is drainage) tonight to hold the lights and everything together with no hassle. Mistking will soon join it once I have the plastic siding in the cage!
  3. Deevo

    Deevo New Member

    I can't wait to get one on boxing day ! Your cham seems to love his lol
  4. JohnDoe

    JohnDoe Member

    Thanks. I hope it works out for Monty, and it took sometime but she loves it. Good luck:D

    She really does love it. I will post a video here in a little while of her sitting in it if she decides to. They are awesome by the way totally worth the money.
  5. JohnDoe

    JohnDoe Member

  6. mrfixit01

    mrfixit01 Member

    That's very nice. Mine avoids water at every opportunity. Lol
  7. JohnDoe

    JohnDoe Member

    Yea mine did for awhile as well, but then about a week ago she just started loving it.

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