My Mistking has died


Hey all, My mistking has just completely stopped working. I have bypassed the timer to see if it was a timer issue but it still doesn't work. Hopefully it's still just within the warranty window :( Back to the spray bottle for now!!


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Is the pump completely dead? Did you try priming it by unplugging the line that goes to the mister head, plugging in the pump and letting water come out of the tube for 3 seconds, unplugging the pump, hooking it back up to the mister head and plugging the pump back in? Sorry if you've already tried that, just thought I'd ask. Hope you get everything back up and running soon.


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I had a similar problem where I thought my MistKing died.

Turn on the pump and put your hand on the pump enclosure. Does it hum? It may be so quiet that you can't hear it.

If the pump is humming, then everything is working, it just needs to be primed. As described above, detach the tubes from the mister nozzles and run the pump for a minute or two to clear the air from the lines.

If that doesn't work, get in touch with Marty at MistKing directly, and he can definitely help you. His customer service is tops.
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