Auto-timer settings for lights and misting system

I am currently setting up the smart plugs for my misting system and basking light.
How long and what part of the day should the heat basking light be on. The UVB is on a 12hr cycle.

I also have the misting system set for 2 minutes 30 minutes prior to lights on and for 2 minutes 30 minutes after lights out.

I have a cool mist humidifier that will run for 3.5hrs 2hrs after lights off then again for 3.5 hours 1 hour before lights on. (It'll only run for 3.5hrs at a time. It has an auto shut off.

Does everything sound OK? Do I need to mist during the day as well or more often at night?

He also has a dripper for day.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Hey there what species is he and how old?

For younger chams that eat consistently I run basking longer during the day. So if UVB runs 7-7pm I have heat run 8-4 but for adults I have the heat kick off about 2pm. I have my misting sessions run when lighting is on 15 minutes after uvb kicks on and then I run mistings in the late afternoon about 30 minutes after basking kicks off. My boy will only drink when he sees spraying water and this is they only way they can clean their eyes well.

As far as fogging you want to make sure you are only doing this at the coldest time of night. Temps need to be below 67-68F. If hotter you run the risk of a respiratory infection. If you do not have temps that low then do not run the fogger at night.
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