What else do I need?


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Hey everyone, I'm getting a Carpet Cham and I would like to know what else I should have in my cage.

What I have so far:

24" 24" 48" Screen Cage

ReptiFogger (This may also function as a dripper)

75 watt Basking Lamp

18" UVB exo terra Fluorescent Lamp

50 watt Night Heat Lamp


4 ft Ficus Tree

Fake vine (To help the cham climb the ficus)

Baby Tears (To hide the ficus' pot)


Calcium Supplement

Small Terrarium


I believe I should have more plants, since everyone has been saying "the more the better." What other plants would be good for filling up cage space? (Ive been thinking about a schefflera tree)


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More plants is always better :)
as for what else you need, you will need additional supplements. You will need a calcium+d3 (unless you cham is kept outdoors), and a multivitamin supplement.

You should not use a night light. Chams need a drop in temperature overnight and the light will interrupt the chameleons sleep.


You will also need a good thermometer preferably digital one with a probe or temp gun to measure temps in cage. So maybe two if you don't get the gun so you can measure basking temp and rest of cage. Aswell as a humidity gauge.
Yes more plants and more vines/branches etc horizontal and vertical.


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live ficus are great at holding water droplets on the leaves plus live plants help with holding the humidity :)
umbrella and pothos are nice plants too.
also its good to have different texture and thickness pathways etc to climb.like vines,bamboo,grape vine.just ideas x


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Thanks for the help guys. (Yeah, I forgot to put thermometer/hydrometer. I do have them though :D) Im not sure how well they work since they were very cheap...

I dont think my local store sells pothos or umbrellas though. Has anyone been successful with buying live plants/trees online?

Also, where would I hang the vines from? The top of my cage is screen
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