1. Eye Issues in Chameleons

    Eye Issues in Chameleons

    Learn the different things that can go wrong with chameleon eyes and how to determine what the problem is.
  2. My female chameleon has black around her mouth.

    My female chameleon has black around her mouth.

    Hello, my female panther chameleon has a black outline around her mouth, could this be due to mouth rot, i’ve had to deal with mouth rot with my previous chameleon and would like to spot this out if it gets worse or it’s nothing at all.
  3. Chris78

    Veiled Cham hasn't pooped in some time !

    My Cham hasn't pooped in some time now, I am thinking weeks. He also just hangs out in one spot of his cage, he seems sluggish, not to much basking as of late, he will come down and eat though. I made it a point to briefly pick though the leaves of his cage decor, just to make sure hes not...
  4. ChameLIonLover

    Feeding an 8 month young cham

    Hi guys, currently got my guy eatingL 1. crickets regularly (a few every other day) 2. super worms (a couple every other day) 3. dubia roaches (one or two every other day or two) 4. blue bottle flies (every other day or two). meal worms as a treat I've recently started a colony of...
  5. C

    Possible tail issue?

    Hi, I've been on the forums for awhile but I just got my chameleon (Ralph) on Jan. 4 and I'm concerned about an odd brownish somewhat bumpy/deformed area on the tip of his tail. The store I got him from seemed to be taking good care of their chams (screen cages, real plants, knowledgeable), but...
  6. stapleton33

    Mbd bad

    My male veiled cham has terrible MBD. I know this takes weeks or months to develop, but it honestly seems to have developed overnight. A few days ago he was chasing crickets all over the cage, now he can't even hold himself up or move in any direction. He lives in a 18x18x30 wire mesh cage...
  7. Mozart

    Not drinking?

    So yesterday I went to the vet because I was concerned my chameleon had a mouth infection again. Instead he got a fecal test and the vet said he saw a tiny percentage of parasites and that's why he isn't eating much and acting strange. He gave me an antibiotic and vitamin boost to give orally...
  8. Mozart

    Mouth infection? AGAIN????

    Your Chameleon - He is a Male Jackson around 1 and a half year old. I got him exaclty 1 year ago from petsmart. Handling - 1 every 2 or 3 weeks. Usually to move him around before bed or to take him into a humid room. Feeding - His diet is mainly large crickets... I gut load them with flukers...
  9. G

    My Chameleon Fell

    So my chameleon fell two days ago and took about a 30inch fall right onto the hardwood. It sounded like he hit really hard and now he has been acting all funny since and I'm not exactly sure what to do. He is a full grown male veiled. He hasnt been moving around in his cage very much and just...
  10. Tiberius

    Is this color okay?

    I've never seen seen my Jackson with this color on him before. Normally, he's only green and black. I noticed the spot of color after I finished holding him. It's a little hard to tell from the pictures but it's kind of a bluish grey color. Is this normal? Thanks in advance.
  11. G

    Eye Question

    Dont have a pic right now bc my little fella just went to bed. I was just checking on him to make sure he was okay and i noticed that he was in his lower half of the cage. about a week and a half ago his eye was swollen then the next morning it was gone and it hasnt come back. When i was...
  12. SamW

    Constant Peeling / Escape

    Hey all, So lately my almost 2 year old veiled male has constantly had some peeled skin (specifically around his 'yellow stripes') and it will not go away. I understand that shedding is a determinant of health quality (in relation to diet, lighting, hydration, etc.), but I believe that he has...
  13. G

    9 month old veiled gumby

    here is my 9 month old veiled. Ive moved him into a larger cage which he seems to like a lot, attached is a picture of him that i took today, i just wanted to make sure he looks normal to everyone, i give him all his suppliements and try to keep him as healthy as i can. just curious if his skin...
  14. B

    Some questions about wax worms.

    Hi I just bought 10 wax worms I know they should not be fed often at all that's why I got the least amount possible. They don't normally have any worms in apart from mealworms so I just got a few. I just wanted to know a few things how to I keep them I got them in some wood shavings. This is...
  15. Goldenarcher1328

    Genetics? How do they work? ( Rather Long Post )

    New theory... NEED OPINIONS!! Alright, I've been thinking about this for a long time now, and finally i have some time to sit down and think this out. To make this simpler, i'll put questions in this color. Genetics. To make this simpler, lets narrow this down to one species: Chamaeleo...
  16. S

    Male Veiled - General health and checkup

    Cage Info Cage Type Screen/Metal combination 30L x 17W x 56H Metal Cage interior lined with vinyl pet safe screening Lighting Repti sun 5.0 -- 6 months or so old (time to replace!!) 100W standard incandescent light on for 13 hrs a day 7am sun up to 8pm Temperature Basking spot has a vine right...
  17. Cjd713

    Urgent Health Issues

    Hey guys :) I know I haven't been on in a bit, but... My friends cham has been acting weird, so I will let her fill this form out, since she does not has internet access. If you guys could helpher out, it would be much appreciated :) thanks Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Veiled Chameleon...
  18. A

    Veiled Shedding?

    Hello, I have a ~4 month old veiled and Ive had him for about a month now. He started to shed 4 days ago. I mist once in the morning and once later in the evening. The under side, legs and most of the tail are completely shed. The back and head are both still covered with cracked dry skin. He is...
  19. T

    Worried About My Senegalese Chameleon

    I recently bought a senegalese chameleon a week ago today actually. I saw it at the pet store and saw that its health was going downhill so I got it in hopes of getting it back to health. When I got it home I went out and grabbed some grasshoppers from the backyard (no pesticides ever used...
  20. S


    Hey, so I have a quick question about my 1 1/2 yr old veiled chameleon. After his latest shed, I noticed he was missing a claw on his back left food. I assumed it was simply pulled out, but there was no open whole- instead it seemed to have simply skinned over. I tried soaking it in extra...
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