Not drinking?


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So yesterday I went to the vet because I was concerned my chameleon had a mouth infection again. Instead he got a fecal test and the vet said he saw a tiny percentage of parasites and that's why he isn't eating much and acting strange. He gave me an antibiotic and vitamin boost to give orally however he isn't drinking and that's usually how I tube feed him or give him medicine. How else is a safe way to open his mouth? :confused:
Being on an antibiotic, you will want to be sure your guy is drinking.

Things to try to get him to either A. drink or B. gape.
Try dripping water on his nose.
Show him another male or show himself a mirror to make him gape. May need another set of hands to accomplish this.
Long showers, 10+ minutes
Try setting up where it is raining versus mist. Suspend the nozzle above the screen or buy a raindome.

From the tip of his mouth you can sneak a credit card or the tip of a needless syringe in and gently press down. Administer in small increments. Give the animal time to swallow and repeat.

Did the vet have a look in the mouth?
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