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    My chameleon is having a prolapse and needs help fast! Please give me some tips on how to get it back in. Thank you :)
  2. Riktor Scale

    Pather Cham is acting really strange

    hello Panther chameleons has been acting very strange lately actually only when I recently got home from work. He is changing random colors, yellow which is normally not a good sign. He will then go back to his comfortable colors and sometimes even half and half. His darkend areas...
  3. K

    Fat or eggs?

    So we have a female chameleon that is about 5 months old and I'm guessing that so give more take. We don't know if she's fat or has eggs.!shes been going to the bottom a lot. We have 3 inches of substrate (coconut husk) I know that's not enough for eggs so I was wondering if yall can tell me if...
  4. Liamthecham

    Blind and lethargic with RI... HELP!

    My male panther chameleon has had a respiratory infection for quite awhile, i took him to the vet a couple of months ago and he gave me injections to give him and i swab his mouth, he was doing pretty good eating, drinking, active all the normal for a chameleon. But the past couple days i...
  5. kronikcurt


    There is a yellow tinge on the corners of his mouth and possibly minor swelling, freaking out, is this mouth rot aka stomatitis?!?!
  6. Lukie Pookie

    Panther Chameleon died today after throwing up

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Male ambilobe chameleon, 6 months old bought from a breeder back in April. Been in only my care since then. Handling - I used to handle my chameleon every 3-4 days but since I put him in his 24x24x48 I haven't held him Feeding - I feed my chameleon large...
  7. Tay And A

    Help me! Cockroach nightmare!

    Of course the one time the chameleon room door gets left open the cats get in there. And they knocked over the cockroach bin!! What do I do?! I have cockroaches everywhere! I put duct tape down so that if they walk over it they will get stuck. But what else can I do!? I'm at a loss here! Please...
  8. fuzzhc

    Think something is wrong!!! Please help :(

    Ok so the other day i posted a thread thinking my female panther may have been gravid because she was dark colours and roaming around the bottom of the cage. I went out and bought a laying bin and set it up in her enclosure but she has not even so much looked at it. Today i have came home...
  9. ChamyLove


    I am trying to find some sort of stand to put my chameleon cage on. Right now Oliver is just in a 18x18x36 inch cage, but I will be upgrading him to his big boy cage (24x24x48) in a few months. I'm having trouble finding anything that would be able to hold a cage, with a depth over 13". So I...
  10. Mozart

    Not drinking?

    So yesterday I went to the vet because I was concerned my chameleon had a mouth infection again. Instead he got a fecal test and the vet said he saw a tiny percentage of parasites and that's why he isn't eating much and acting strange. He gave me an antibiotic and vitamin boost to give orally...
  11. Mozart

    Mouth infection? AGAIN????

    Your Chameleon - He is a Male Jackson around 1 and a half year old. I got him exaclty 1 year ago from petsmart. Handling - 1 every 2 or 3 weeks. Usually to move him around before bed or to take him into a humid room. Feeding - His diet is mainly large crickets... I gut load them with flukers...
  12. ReptiGeek

    Help Sex my Bearded Pygmy's!

    Definitely need all of your help. I posted a thread about them a week ago and a few people pitched in what they thought but I never posted an actual "Help sex my pygmy" thread, so I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me with that now! I have 4, but one is FOR SURE a male and did...
  13. froggielog

    Help, Oliver constantly claws and climbs near the same corner

    Okay so for the past week every morning Oliver climbs up (all the way to the top) and down (about a foot from the bottom) repeatedly for at least an hour around the first few hours he is awake. I don't understand this, he eats,drinks and poops but he goes dangerously near the bottom. I know that...
  14. GrimsbyPatchwork

    Sunken eye

    Hi my jackson`s cham which is about 9 months old has had a sunken eye since the day I got him which he sometimes keeps closed...I have heard that I might have been dehydration or stress as in fact I have had him for 3 weeks only and when I got him he was very dark due to the transportation (came...
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