Pather Cham is acting really strange

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hello Panther chameleons has been acting very strange lately actually only when I recently got home from work. He is changing random colors, yellow which is normally not a good sign. He will then go back to his comfortable colors and sometimes even half and half. His darkend areas, normally when basking, are extremely prominent right now. At one point when he was walking because I took him out and he seems more comfortable while sitting on me he did this weird twitching thing not the kind of twitching when he's digesting something it was literally a head twitch. Unfortunately we don't have any vets in the area that are open on the weekends. At least one that I would trust with a chameleon. Any suggestions any comments please let me know Thanks. I also have pictures if that helps.

Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Panther,Male,2 years, had him since 3 months
Handling - When he wants attention
Feeding - Crickets,worms ect 8-10 crickets everyother day worms for treats. Hour before feeding for gutload?
Supplements - Repcal herpivite and D3 one a week?
Watering - Misting system, yes he drinks didn't see today though.
Fecal Description - Poop is solid, slight orange the white discharge piece. Never been tested
History - No health issues ever.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Huge screen cage large enough.
Light- Not worried about this.
Temperature - Basking temp high tree goes high to low in temp I use a laser to test.
Humidity - Proper level
Plants - Yes
Placement - No vents ext ext
Location -California
Do you have any female chameleons near him? Head bobbing is mating behavior. Also, just because you aren't worried about something doesn't make it not relevant. The How to Ask for Help is there so you can provide the information we need to make an informed conclusion. Specifics are important with chameleons. Your supplementation is off. He should be getting calcium without d3 every feeding, calcium with d3 once every two weeks, and multivitamin once every two weeks. And, based off that, it could mean everything else in your cage is not fine, because if you have one thing wrong that you think is right, everything else you think is right could also be wrong as well.
Not worried about light?! Humidity: proper level?! Are you too stoned to care for a chameleon or something?! As Zlew said your suplimentation is very wrong, change it to what Zlew said ASAP! And as for not being worried about lighting, chameleons MUST have uvb light to metabolize calcium and other vital vitamins, they also need a heat bulb for a basking area (should be 80 to 85 degrees). I really hope you get these sorted out! Pictures are always helpful lol! And the stoner joke is only because you're from cali lmfao, I had to! I hope this reply helps! Have a good night!:D:D:D
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