Blind and lethargic with RI... HELP!


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My male panther chameleon has had a respiratory infection for quite awhile, i took him to the vet a couple of months ago and he gave me injections to give him and i swab his mouth, he was doing pretty good eating, drinking, active all the normal for a chameleon. But the past couple days i noticed him hanging upside down, at the bottom of his cage just sitting there not moving. I figured maybe he needed to cool down, i took him inside and gave him a shower, i figured out he is blind. I have no idea how he became blind in just a couple days. I am very worried about him, i have to now hand feed and water him. He is always a gray-ish color and he won't move i put towels down as a bedding in case he falls and he will just sit there. Every so often he'll move and kinda get stuck upside down so i move him back up right. Whats going on?!?!??


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Get him to a vet ASAP. could be a supplement issue but its hard to tell when we dont have any info on your setup


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I hope Liam got to the vet and that the vet was able to do something to help Liam.
Sounds very serious.
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