Help Sex my Bearded Pygmy's!

Definitely need all of your help. I posted a thread about them a week ago and a few people pitched in what they thought but I never posted an actual "Help sex my pygmy" thread, so I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me with that now! I have 4, but one is FOR SURE a male and did not have to be photographed. As for these three, have fun!

#1 (originally I had people say 100% female on her, I think so too)

#2 (originally a 50/50 of male and female, I have no clue)

#3 (originally a 100% vote on female, but now she has very defined stripes)
1 looks like male because he's longer maybe its how he/she's walking
2 female
3 female
Haven't had a Pygmy for a few years so I'm not positive that I'm right
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