1. leedragon

    official sexing thread

    so I was thinking that it would be good to have a thread where you post a pic or 2 and you show how to sex a certain chamelons species, maybe a photo of a male or a female, this way it would be more easy to find the sex of your chameleon. I was thinking on the lines a pic or two and a...
  2. ReptiGeek

    Help Sex my Bearded Pygmy's!

    Definitely need all of your help. I posted a thread about them a week ago and a few people pitched in what they thought but I never posted an actual "Help sex my pygmy" thread, so I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me with that now! I have 4, but one is FOR SURE a male and did...
  3. J

    how do you Sex baby t.j.jacksonii?

    Xanth females generally have no horns and meru females generally have none or one. But t.j.jacksonii females have 3 so I have researched how to tell males and females apart as babies and can not get a good answer. At what age are males horns obviously bigger than the females? Can they be...
  4. G

    1-2 month old cham Male or female?

    small but has some darker greens and light greens on the body (not showing up well in picture) i think its a male but need to be sure.
  5. G

    Sexing my Baby panther!!!! need to know

    I heard that you can sex your baby panthers by looking under the tail, but i dont know what to look for. Here are some pictures of my 2 month old baby
  6. ferretinmyshoes

    New Pygmies! (Thanks ataraxia!) Girls or boys?

    Ataraxia has supplied me with 3 new brevs to restart my little colony after my mama pyg passed away right when the ban went into place. They are in great shape and are eating and drinking great in quarantine! When I first unpacked them and looked at them all together I thought 2 females and 1...
  7. giaindell

    sexing. please i need help (:

    i need some help on sexing these two cutie pies right here i ordered them on monday and i just received them. ive ordered from this website before but they separated the male in female in two different dixie cups. this time they put them both in the same container. i have no clue which one is a...
  8. summoner12

    Melleri 'junk'?

    I heard Henry pooping today.... or farting..... He hasn't pooped in a while just has nice healthy white urates. But, when he goes potty lately he seems gassy.... So I notice. Today I took some pics. I have seen this before but have not been able to catch it on 'film'. Is this his...
  9. W

    Help Sexing pygmies (R. brev.)

    Hi all! I recently got 3 juvenile pygmy chameleons, and they are super cute! I'd been waiting for these guys for a couple of months, and we (by 'we' I mean 'the petstore where I work') finally managed to get some more. The last group we ordered were adults, so I was very pleased when these...
  10. Blue Bar Panther Chameleon

    Blue Bar Panther Chameleon

    blue bar panther chameleon... can any one tell me the sex please...
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